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May 12, 2011

Surgyn New Album Release – “Vanity” Out May-13!

Can you smell the Iodine? Taste the chloroform? Hear the soft beep of your life as you’re hooked up to the only thing keeping you alive?

Scotland’s leading practitioners of Hard-edged Medical Fetish Industrial, Surgyn, are about to release their debut album “Vanity” digitally on Friday 13th, with a physical release soon afterwards. Sharp as a scalpel making the first cut into plastic flesh, peeling away the layers slowly and methodically, this is an album that will literally get under your skin.

Veil and Sovereign, the twisted masterminds behind Surgyn’s essential work in the field of Electronic Body Modification, have been working long and hard in their practice to bring you their masterpiece of pulsating, beat-driven, aesthetically pleasing industrial.

Mastered by Addz Milner (The Ladder, Deviant UK, Vindicare) this collection of club-friendly tunes has been designed with the specific purpose to dissect dance floors across the world.

Live, they have already proved themselves by sharing the stage in their native Scotland with Angelspit, Faderhead, Deviant UK, The Gothsicles and Caustic, they are now set to cure all your imperfections with appearances at Symbiosis in Nottingham, and support for Straftanz in Sheffield, as well as major gigs supporting Modulate and Covenant in Glasgow.

Surgyn are here to show you that Beauty is Agony; pleasure is pain. Prepare for surgery.


Beauty (Intro) * Sever * The Stranger (Vanity Mix) * Code Black * Aesthetics (Vanity Mix) * Faceless (Vanity Mix) * Hemmorhage * Speak No More * Hit The Nerve * Agony (Outro)

The album can be pre-ordered from here.

Release date: Digitally: Friday 13th May 2011 Physical release – to be announced.


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