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May 10, 2011

Necro Facility New Release “Wintermute” Out May-13

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01. You Want It | 02. Explode | 03. Cuts | 04. Do You Feel The Same | 05. Fall Apart |  06. Waiting For The Snow | 07. Ignite | 08. Skrik | 09. Supposed | 10. All That You Take

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Not so very often there is an album that brings new hope, new faith and have a massive impact on the electronic music scene. “Wintermute” from Swedish Necro Facility is for sure one of these rare exceptions.

A band that will develope and take the term industrial music to the next level. Many of you have for sure already heard their work on the Covenant single “Lightbringer” which was written by Necro Facility and took them to position 1 on all the alternative charts all over the world. Also the bands previous albums “The Black Paintings” (2005) and “The Room” (2007) which both recived brilliant reviews all over the world and took them to the main stages of both the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig and M’era Luna Festival in Hildesheim and shows in Hungary, Norway, Finland and Sweden among others. But it’s now with “Wintermute” the band has fully progressed and developed. The style is own, unique and fresh. But never without that special Necro Facility feeling to it. The band worked for almost four years with this release in one of Sweden’s most famous studios for hit music, the Lionheart Studio in Stockholm/Sweden. But the hard work and effort has for sure payed off.

Wintermute” is nothing less than a masterpiece. The production is wordclass, strong driving beats which mixes both the classic industrial sound with modern popmusic makes it both special and unique. Shortly… the next level of electronic/ industrial music is here… and it is spelled Necro Facility.


Necro Facility legacy began when the two companions Oscar Holter and Henrik Bäckström met in school when they were 14/15 years old.

They had both been playing drums together at musicshcool, but somehow their attention was drawn towards the industrial music scene. This new world of sounds and creativity provided a feeling that you can make anything you want with rhythms. They soon realized that there really are no rules and limits when it comes to creating and playing music. While testing different recording possibilities and exploring the world of sounds they built their own crappy sequence module. Consisting of several tape recorders and synthesizers in order to get the whole package. All the music that both Oscar and Henrik does today is the fruit of what they did and experimented with at that young age.

They started producing and selling demos at the local record shops, working up a reputation and a name for themselves within the local scene. And at the age of 16 they where confident enough to start sending demos to different record labels. They didn’t always get a positive response, yet many labels were interested in the creativity and musical quality in this project. They sent a demo to Torny Gottberg, who at the time was working for Energy Records, but later on left to start the succesfull record label Progress Productions. He said, with confidence, Get back to me in two years. Necro Facility did, and later that year the album “The Black Paintings” were realesed by Progress Productions. This marked the real start of the Necro Facility era.

The reactions on “The Black Paintings” were somewhat mixed. Much because of Oscar and Henrik’s young age. People found it hard to grasp how these two youngsters could create such complex, haunting yet melodic music with that 80 ‘s old school touch. The general opinion was that you shouldn’t mess around with this type of music. Necro Facility has always done what they liked though and didn’t pay much attention to this kind of criticism. They continued to create the music they loved in the way they wanted to, releasing their second album “The Room”.

The word spread that the two where back and were about to deliever one of the best industrial albums ever made. They album became a success in many ways within the industrial scene. The style of old school industrial was reborn and the scene stirred up. This was exactly what Necro Facility was aiming for, to make a dying scene become more interesting. 4 years passed and Oscar and Henrik continued their journey in life. The two gentlemen were still in the music biz, where Oscar is nowadays working as a musicproducer/songwriter in Sweden and Henrik is releasing thumping remixes all over the world.

They had spoken very much about making a third album, and also aimed to release it as a celebration to their 10 years anniversary as a band. They just needed “the” song that would spark a change and make the industrial scene go “What the hell” once again. The track “Do you feel the same” was written, produced, recorded and released. This was the key song to the whole “Wintermute” album. They production and songwriting took a turn to a more pop oriented way, and they found themselves producing an Industrial Pop record. The result is a smash hit record that probably represents Necro Facility in it’s true form.

Genre: Electro / Alternative

Release title: Necro Facility – “Wintermute

Release date: 13.05.2011

Band members: Henrik Bäckström,  Oscar Holter

Year of foundation: 2000

Label: Progress Productions



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