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May 3, 2011

Viva Music Site Facelift!


VIVA MUSIC has the pleasure of announcing the launch of the new www.vivamusic.ro. Click!

Since 2008, VIVA MUSIC is the sole promoter of EBM, electro, dark, gothic, industrial, synth and aggrotech music in Romania. Because we believe that music is deeply inspirational and brings out the best of all people who listen to it, we dedicate our work to the promotion of best practices in the Romanian music industry. 

VIVA MUSIC is a team of young and motivated professionals who enjoy organizing every concert, and always go that extra mile for the bands and their fans. VIVA MUSIC is not committed to making anyone rich, but share the richness and beauty of a niche scene with friends, true fans and true music lovers.

The new www.vivamusic.ro comes as a response to the multiple communication challenges of 2011. Do you enjoy your Facebook activity? You can now connect with your Facebook identity and use the most prestigious social network in order to leave comments, to forward information to your friends, and to share your activity on www.vivamusic.ro with them. Do you want to be posted on the latest news provided by VIVA MUSIC? You will find on the website an updated stream of VIVA MUSIC’s activity on Facebook and Twitter, while the sections devoted to events, news, photo and video galleries will offer you the 360 degrees of our communication. The already classical sections devoted to artists and events have added info value as well, thus bringing their contribution to the chronicling of the musical era we live in.

Since VIVA MUSIC fans equally appreciate our project sites DARKWAVE.RO and ELECTRONIK.RO we thought of unifying them, so the relevant activity of these sites is also visible on www.vivamusic.ro in the News section. This is how information about festivals, parties sponsored by VIVA MUSIC under the brand TANZ DIE REVOLUTION, VIVA MUSIC’s own radio show on Bucuresti FM, as well as updated information for musical scenes of worldwide interest all find their home in the new structure of the site.

VIVA MUSIC pledges to stay close to fans of industrial, gothic, electro, dark and EBM music and we are open to suggestions, proposals and we welcome questions and collaboration. Our international media partnerships are meant to keep the scene open to anyone and to match everyone’s taste, with accurate and elegant information, with promotion opportunities for genuine value, and last, but not least, to show VIVA MUSIC’s gratitude to all our supporters, to whom we take this opportunity to thank again.

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