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May 3, 2011

Kirlian Camera (+Tanz Ohne Musik opening) – review with photos 29.04.2011


About the event * Tanz Ohne Musik @Control Club 29.04.2011 promoter: Viva Music – Review * Tanz Ohne Musik @Control Club 29.04.2011: Setlist * Tanz Ohne Musik @Control Club 29.04.2011: Photo Gallery * Kirlian Camera @Control Club 29.04.2011 promoter: Viva Music -Review * Kirlian Camera @Club Control 29.04.2011: Setlist * Kirlian Camera @Control Club 29.04.2011: Photo Gallery * Links

About the event

Not of This World” is not only a very plausible name for an album, such as KIRLIAN CAMERA’s best-of album released in late 2010; but also a good description of the show the band put up on April, 29 in a wonderful VIVA MUSIC event in Club Control, with a very artful preface from TANZ OHNE MUSIK. An otherworldly performance brought to you by Angelo Bergamini, Elena Fossi, Lexi Chevalier and Kyoo Nam Rossi kept the avid audience enthralled for almost two hours!

The festive atmosphere of the Labor Day weekend and the opening of the summer season were celebrated by VIVA MUSIC with a great event: the legendary KIRLIAN CAMERA for their first Romanian date. While their 30-year history on the scene of music requires little if any introduction, let it be said that the atmospheric music they perform is vivid, energetic and empathetic – qualities that were appreciated by the audience as well.

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Tanz Ohne Musik @Control Club 29.04.2011 promoter: Viva Music – Review

The evening was opened spot-on by Dan Serbanescu’s newest project, TANZ OHNE MUSIK. A spoiled sibling of Divine Muzak and the Pixels, TANZ OHNE MUSIK goes on stage as Dan Serbanescu and Vali Chincisan (the latter regrettably absent on the night of 29-Apr, but successfully delegating to Color Nurse, who provided along Chincisan’s art her own). An experimental & ambient project, TANZ adds up to a very sincere visual experience coupled with music you have no other option than to listen to; and dance to. TANZ OHNE MUSIK went on the stage of Control Club alone so many times that it would certainly be not a mistake to call the act a club protégé and definitely one of the most vibrant and viral acts of the Bucharest club scene of 2011.

The audience, a mixed TANZ OHNE MUSIK posse and the usual novices all pricked their ears to the show and danced along with great zest; and the response was unanimously positive, a sign we at VIVA MUSIC are glad to have seen, since we rely greatly on the local scene and wish to be able to promote it further through events, online promotion and album and tour deals. Let it only be reminded that a similarly portentous act, BRAZDA LUI NOVAC, chosen by VIVA MUSIC for the opening of the COVENANT concert was positively received by COVENANT’s Daniel Myer and subsequently invited to his event PLANET MYER in January 2011.

What TANZ OHNE MUSIK brought to Club Control was a definite, well-imprinted feeling that music can equally be sound and color, and that the pairing thereof is a feast, one of the shapes assumed by darkness and of fragile, but convincing sounds.

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TANZ OHNE MUSIK @CONTROL CLUB, 29-Apr 2011 – Setlist

Little Baby Triangle

Mescaline Swimming

I’ve Lost My Bone

Hide and Sleep

Chewing Gum Suicide

Arabian Tongues

Lemonade Blood

Sex on the Moon

Sugar Lies

White Summer Days


Lemonade Blood (version)

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TANZ OHNE MUSIK @CONTROL CLUB, 29-Apr 2011 – Photo Gallery


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Kirlian Camera @Control Club 29.04.2011 promoter: Viva Music -Review

The elegant warmup provided by TANZ OHNE MUSIK was done justice to, royally, by KIRLIAN CAMERA’s concert. A sensational stage entrance, with eerie music and hooded characters who light up their faces with flashlights, was greeted by the audience and the ensuing two hours were a peerless direction of energies, voices, instrument and cadence – a killer combination you would want to witness in any electronica/darkwave performance – all in a rendition with a very personal touch of Brahms’ “Ein Deutsches Requiem”.

The show was really momentous, and it kept the audience on the thin line between tension and release – both instances of energy flowing and being recaptured in a very sensuous and respectful exchange. While there was no doubt of the band’s magnitude and astuteness on stage, their ensuing unchained and at the same time choreographed disruptions being a well-credited self-reverential tribute to their career, one in which the very sound setlist offered great variety and great musicianship: from their earliest to their latest, all the stages of creation that mean KIRLIAN CAMERA were under the dim spotlight and were offered equal opportunities to seduce, animate and create a critical mass in the audience.

Early KIRILIAN CAMERA opus extracts, such as the rarely performed live “Edges”, “Blue Room” and “In the Endless Rain” vied for attention with newer KIRLIAN CAMERA productions such as “Odyssey Europa”, “Europa Drama Orbit” and “K-Pax”, as well as with cameo appearances from Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”, majestically covered by KIRLIAN CAMERA, as well as from Ultravox’s “Hymn”, pious renditions to a common musical past that shapes up in many ways the way we listen to music nowadays. A very complex setlist, the one put on by KIRLIAN CAMERA in Club Control also meant a review of the band’s history at the speed of light.

One important fact to be kept in mind about their performance is that not all musicians on stage have witnessed the three decades of activity subsumed to the name of KIRLIAN CAMERA. Their rendition, therefore, did not betray one bit their lack of familiarity or remote conduciveness of material prior to their embarking on the KIRLIAN CAMERA boat. In fact, the band members’ personalities added flavor to the album recordings and to a certain extent revitalized the historical context of so many genres that shaped up their music: from the disco contingent to the darkwave vein, the show allowed to the audience a wide span of melodic interferences that make KIRLIAN CAMERA in itself unique and their show one of relentless dedication to quality and meaningfulness.

Even if the audience was fomented by the classical alliance of club regulars, KIRLIAN CAMERA fans and VIVA MUSIC events’ already solid and faithful clique, KIRLIAN CAMERA cast upon the audience a unifying trait: that of people who are in constant touch with their emotions and are able to shine them through layers of unaltered humanity and humaneness, the kind you would expect from a divine visitation or a preaching pontificate.

To Angelo Bergamini’s demure and guiding presence, the outgoing and valiant pose of Elena Fossi acted as a well-deserved complement. Elena’s restlessness was not at all gratuitous, she moved along to the multitude of beats befriending each of them with a twist or turn of her body, knowingly engaged in the production of each new sensation and new rhythm, keeping the audience captive with her voice. The final set of the show before the generous encores, including “Blue Room”, “Eclipse” and “Odyssey Europa” were a dramatic climax of Fossi’s abilities as a versatile artist, and literally swept over the audience. Note should also be made of the fine wizardry Lexi Chevalier and Kyoo Nam Rossi stirred with their very good command of instrument, stealing the same animated applause from the audience.

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Intro: Ein Deutsches Requiem

E.D.O./Europa Drama Orbit


Megamix 1 (The Immaterial Children + Absentee + Coroner’s Sun + Dead Zone in the Sky)



In the Endless Rain


Blue Room


Odyssey Europa


Comfortably Numb


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KIRLIAN CAMERA @CONTROL CLUB, 29-Apr 2011 – Photo Gallery


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VIVA MUSIC would like to thank all friends, artists, promoters and partners who have helped with the creation of this once-in-a-lifetime event. Thanks go to: BucurestiFM, Club Control, Tanz die Revolution, Metropotam, Sapte Seri, Nights.ro, Hypestreet, ProTV, Radio Zu, Romania Libera, Hailaconcert.ro, Tonight.eu, Port, iConcert, The Gig, No.3, Lux Noctis, Bloodbath, Rockstage, Kogaionon, Bestial Records, RockXpress, Umbra de Noapte, Myticket and Diverta.


KIRLIAN CAMERA (+ TANZ OHNE MUSIK opening)review and photo galleries from The Gig

KIRLIAN CAMERA (+ TANZ OHNE MUSIK opening)photo galleries from Club Control

KIRLIAN CAMERA (+ TANZ OHNE MUSIK opening)photo galleries from Hypestreet

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