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April 26, 2011

Kmfdm Release “WTF?!”

Never one to shy away from asking the tough questions, KMFDM gives voice to the inquiry that is on everyone’s lips in these twisted times – WTF?!. WTF?!, the band’s new album released on Metropolis Records, joins the ranks of their many records titled with a five character name.”  (Metropolis Records)

In January we shared the great news of a new release from KMFDM, entitled “WTF?!” (European release: KMFDM Records / Dependent Records). Now that it’s here, we can rejoice even more in their 17-album history now that new material is out! December 2010 meant the release of the first track of the album: in the heat of the Wikileaks debate, KMFDM decided to make available the song “Rebels in Kontrol”  on the band’s website in December as a show of support for Wikileaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange, and was streamed more than 75,000 times in two days.

The first single of the album, “Krank” was released March 8, 2011, and debuted at No. 15 on the Billboard Singles Chart. The song “Panzerfaust” marks the first time the band has written a song with Italian lyrics, and is an Italian translation of the lyrics of “Liebeslied” from the band’s 1990 album, “Naïve“. The song “Death and Burial of C.R.” is lyrically based on the English nursery rhyme “Who Killed Cock Robin“.  The concept for the album cover was conceived jointly by band leader Sascha Konietzko and longtime band associate and cover artist Aidan “Brute!” Hughes. Hughes stated that he achieved a look similar to the angelic look of Renaissance paintings of the Madonna with the artwork.

The industrial/EBM undertones of the album have already received critical acclaim:

I can’t say how high this come or rate this album with their back catalogue of how high I think this album comes. Besides a few downside and misplaced tracks, I think this is a great album with a strong vocal performance and production. For all die hard KMFDM fans this maybe is yet another masterpeice from the band?” says Blackvector.se’s Björn Andersson.

The mastermind of KMFDM Sasha Konietzko has pronounced their latest effort as “the most powerful and dominate sonic statement” to date. It is for sure a solid release bursting with power and determination and a strong commentary on the world we live in, maybe it is strongest in its damning of it, but musically they are not far of their centre and typical sound, which is not a bad thing. They’ve innovated enough, now it’s time to build up the fortress.’ WTF?!’ is a sure must-have not only because it’s from the mainstays of Industrial scene, but because it’s fucking great!” concludes Petra Whiteley for Reflectionsofdarkness.com.


Krank * Come On – Go Off * Rebels In Kontrol * Lynchmob * Take It Like A Man * Vive La Mort! * Dystopia * Panzerfaust * Spectre * Amnesia * Death & Burial Of C.R.

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