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March 24, 2011

Tyske Ludder “Diaspora” – release date March 25, 2011

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TYSKE LUDDER is an institution!

There are only a few Electro bands from the 90s that were able to stage their comeback with such overwhelming success. But TYSKE LUDDER did it back in 2006! The band is very active among their fans – loads of live performances (including the famous “Zuckergrufties” at Blackfield Festival 2010), 70.000 MySpace followers and rank 4th at google-search!

After they had re-released all of their cult albums from the 90s, TYSKE LUDDER managed to raise the bar with their great releases “Sojus”, “SCIENTific technOLOGY” and “Anonymous”.

And again – the new album “Diaspora” continues the story of success of „Anonymous”.

Modern Electro sounds combined with Old School elements and pumping beats underline TYSKE LUDDER’s distinctive vocals, which are accompanied by intelligent soundscapes.

Thematically, the album deals with the central topic “Diaspora” which means “to be scattered”. And it is not just about the situation of Jewish people in history – TYSKE LUDDER deal with the situation of ethnic minorities in our society in general.

Tracks like “Der androgyne Held”, “Eugenix”, “Wallfahrt” or “Abgesang” will definitely become the new TYSKE LUDDER anthems.

As special bonus, the exclusive first edition, strictly limited to 888 copies, will contain a powerful cover version of Tilt’s classic “Merciless”!

EBM / Electro



Release date:
March 25th, 2011

01. Har haBait
02. Tempelberg
03. Eugenix
04. Wallfahrt (Betonkater Edit)
05. Diaspora
06. Der androgyne Held
07. For their Glory
08. Konstanzphaenomen (Blutstoerung Edit)
09. Nur ein Traum
10. Ueber Euch
11. R.A.S.S. (Minus Vier)
12. Reiscraecker
13. Abgesang
14. Merciless
15. Abgesang (Northborne-RMX)
16. Maschinenstar (Minimal)

Band members:
Z67 (percussion|shouting)
ÅLBERT (voices|showing)
ØLÅF (machines|shooting)

Year of foundation:

www.poponaut.de <http://www.poponaut.de/tyske-ludder-diaspora-limitierte-erstauflage-p-9005.html?ref=29>

Black Rain <http://www.blackrain.de/php/index.php>

Band websites:
www.tyske-ludder.de  <http://www.tyske-ludder.de>


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