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December 28, 2010

2010 Album Releases You Want to Listen to

A rich and provocative year, 2010 meant the release of many new albums from the relevant names from the gothic, industrial and electro scenes, but also the discovery of new artists, that come, layer upon layer of sound,  to further enlarge the musical spectrum, reconsider the influences, and at the same time remain under the non-mainstream cone of light.


Below you can find a fine selection of 2010 albums, EP’s, best-of’s and singles Viva Music recommends to the connoisseur, as well as to the novice to our scene:

Ad Inferna – “DSM” (Viva Music’s review)
Combichrist – “Making Monsters” (live in Bucharest, Romania on March 1, 2011)
Covenant – “Lightbringer” (live in Bucharest on April, 8 2010)
Das Ich – “Koma/Coma” (in 2009 played Bucharest at the 1st Romanian Darkfest)
Diary of Dreams – “A Collection of…” (also in Bucharest for the 1st Romanian Darkfest)
How to Destroy Angels – “How to Destroy Angels” (Viva Music’s review)
In Strict Confidence – “La Parade Monstrueuse” (1st Romanian Darkfest)
Killing Joke – “Absolute Dissent” (Viva Music’s review)
La Femme Verte – “Small Distortions” (Viva Music’s review)
Painbastard – “Kriegserklaerung” (Viva Music’s review, Painbastard at 2010 Darkwave.ro fest with Slave Republic, Destroid and Frank the Baptist)
Peter Murphy – “Ninth” (Viva Music’s review)
Project Pitchfork – “Continuum Ride” (live in Bucharest on January 29, 2011 with Rabia Sorda and Tenek)
Shadow Minds – “The Arc of Truth” (Viva Music’s review)
Slave Republic – “Electric One” (Slave Republic at 2010 Darkwave.ro fest with Painbastard, Destroid, Frank the Baptist)
Tenek – “On the Wire” (Viva Music’s review, live in Bucharest on January 29, 2011 with Rabia Sorda and Project Pitchfork)


Other albums:

Absurd Minds – “Serve or Suffer”
Culture Kultur – “Spirit
Diorama “Cubed”
Deine Lakaien “Indicator”
Edge of Dawn “Anything that gets you through the night”
Faderhead – “Black Friday
Front Line Assembly – “Shifting through the Lens
Funker Vogt “Blutzoll”
Hocico – “Dog Eat Dog
Klangstabil – “Vertraut
SAM – “Brainwasher
Santa Hates You “Post Apocalyptic Nude Industrial Corps”
Solemn Novena – “Kiss the Girls
Solitary Experiments – “Compendium 2
S-Talker – “First Call
Zeromancer – “The Death of Romance”


Hypno5ive, our US partner has added some more valuable titles to the list. Thank you, Danny! Enjoy!

Angels on Acid – “Blood Sweat and Tears”
Angel Theory – “The Death of Angels”
Lost Area – “Memoria”
//TENSE// – “Memory”
Mergel Kratzer – “Isotop”
Stereomotion – “Stolz und Demut”


Laurentiu Rusen has also contributed some more titles to our list. Thank you, Laur!

Chrom – “Electroscope”
Code 64 – “Trialogue”
Heimataerde – “Unwesen”
Iris – “Blacklight”
Menschdefekt – “The Human Parasite”
Mind In A Box – “R.E.T.R.O.”
Minerve – “Please”
Provision – “Paradigm Shift”
Wynardtage – “A Flicker of Hope”
Massiv In Mensch – “Niemand Weiss Was Die Zukunft…”


  1. Great list!
    Several others I also enjoyed this year:
    Angels on Acid – Blood Sweat and Tears
    Angel Theory – The Death of Angels
    Lost Area – Memoria
    //TENSE// – Memory
    Mergel Kratzer – Isotop
    Stereomotion – Stolz und Demut

    Happy New Year!

    Comment by hypno5ive — December 28, 2010 @ 7:44 pm

  2. Very good list, you and I need to travel and see all the 2011 shows!!!!!

    Comment by ATANK — December 29, 2010 @ 1:55 am

  3. Maybe you can attend our events in Bucharest as well: https://darkwave.ro/2010/12/04/viva-music-concerts-festivals-radio-show-industrial-parties-new-website-photos-from-romania/

    Comment by admin — December 29, 2010 @ 2:11 am

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