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September 29, 2010

Darkwave.ro Fest: Bands

Viva Music is glad to introduce to you Darkwave.ro fest on November 12, 2010 @Kulturhaus Bukarest with Painbastard, Destroid, Slave Republic and Frank the Baptist. Four different music styles are in store for you, juxtaposed with four original stage presences and four unique artistic experiences that will stimulate all your senses. Also expect an ineluctable urge to dance to the beat of mixing sets of most versatile and energetic DJ’s! And stand in awe before the young, talented and non-conformist artists who will get under your skin with their original art.




German futurepop and aggrotech act Painbastard has come a long way in their history of 15 years. The brainchild of lawyer Alex P., the project is all about sound: articulate and fully-fledged, it is a good opportunity for the listener to enjoy the full potential of a one-man show with great synth loops and vocal energy. It is no coincidence that Destroid’s Daniel Myer remixed for Painbastard’s latest album ‘Kriegserklaerung’ (‘Declaration of War’), since Destroid, Diorama and Feindflug are alongside Paibastard part of a constellation that takes up festival stages, overloads clubs and creates a significant buzz with their new releases.

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Destroid’s Daniel Myer is not at his first visit to Romania. Viva Music brought wonderful Covenant to the Romanian fans in April 2010, and the energetic and well tempoed Myer rocked the house. Now it’s time to have him around with one of his other projects: Destroid. It’s a busy season for Myer: just before his November 12 Bucharest performance, he shares the stage with ex-Depeche Mode Alan Wilder and currently-Depeche Mode Martin L. Gore. His other projects, just as innovative and contagious, are EBM and electro Architect and Haujobb. In January 2011 he will host Planet Myer Festival in Leipzig, a festival that also features Brazda lui Novac. Viva Music takes pride in the fact that Brazda lui Novac roused Myer’s interest in one of our events.

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Slave Republic



Slave Republic is a 1990 New Wave sensation who rebranded as a full electro band in the 2000’s. Their album ‘Electric One’ is a relish of electro beats and superb vocal exercise, a fascinating trip that makes up for great dance floor attitude, and a pervasive, cultured approach to music. Not coincidentally, the track ‘My Maker’ from their album is remixed by Daniel Myer’s Haujobb. Slave Republic is a duo with incredible stage potential and a novel sound that adds up perfectly to Darkwave.ro fest.

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Frank the Baptist



75% American and German-based act Frank the Baptist is a vigorous band dwelling on gothic/death rock to unprecedented results. Probably the youngest act of Darkwave.ro fest, with only 7 years of stage presence, they are early achievers: already a dominant presence at festivals such as Wave Gothik Treffen and Amphi Festival, Frank the Baptist are leaders, emancipators and true artists. Their music speaks equally to the crowd and the person, and their precise sound is all about talent and dedication, putting up a show that you will admire and wish it never ends.

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