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August 30, 2010

Blackfield 2011: Advance ticket sale -10Eur off for purchases until Oct-31

Sat 25th + Sun 26th June 2011 – Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen & Burg Querfurt

Advance ticket sales start 30th August 2010 – Tickets are going to be 10,-€ off if purchased until 31st October !

via Blackfield Festival official page

When this year’s festival came to an end, we immediately started preparations for Blackfield 2011 – since such a festival is a lot of work especially if it does include two festivals we need to organise and prepare. You got that right: Two festivals!

After three years in the Ruhr area, the whole team is extremely happy to announce a second festival location:

Sat 25th June 2011 & Sun 26th June 2011

  • Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen (Ruhr area)
  • Burg Querfurt (Saale area in Saxony-Anhalt)

From the very beginning we had the idea of putting on a second Blackfield Festival. However, we felt that we needed to present you with something very special since the Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen already is the perfect venue- hard to top in terms of charisma, quality, and local conditions. So any other venue would also have to be equally distinctive to be an excellent match for the Amphitheater.

Querfurt castle fully corresponds to these criteria and thus is a great festival venue. It is the biggest castle in Central Germany and its majestic shape can be seen from a long distance. Next year we and the local team at Querfurt will offer two well-organised, yet familiar and relaxed festivals, with a stunning line-up.

Next year’s line-up is going to be a manifesto for each “black soul“ no matter if you like electro or guitar music- we will definitely offer you a well-balanced mix of both and are happy to announce the first confirmed artists:


DREADFUL SHADOWS (only in Querfurt)


It is our first priority to have the same bands perform in both venues. However, slight differences due to scheduling difficulties cannot be avoided. The DREADFUL SHADOWS -who will only play in Querfurt- exemplify this but are at the same time one of our festival highlights. The band around Sven Friedrich (Zeraphine, Solar Fake) did a great performance at the first Blackfield Festival in Gelsenkirchen and will certainly leave a lasting impression on the audience in Querfurt.

Unfortunately, SONO were not able to make it on stage in time at the last Blackfield festival and thus were forced to cancel their gig. In 2011 the band will make up for last year by playing at both venues, Querfurt and Gelsenkirchen.

Another highlight for the “black-hearted” are APOPTYGMA BERZERK from Norway, an internationally renowned band, that has both seized the hearts of the people and also gained chart positions with their electronic rock and live performances that send shivers down your spine.


Advance ticket sales start on 30th August 2010 with an exclusive special offer:

Festival tickets (2 days) are 10,- € off until 31st October 2010!

These tickets are original festival tickets only available at Blackfield shops.

Prices (only until 31st October 2010!) are:

2- days festival ticket: 44,50 *

2- days festival ticket incl. camping: 56,50 *

Day ticket: 44,50 *

* plus shipping and handling costs per order (independent of number of tickets ordered)

On 1st November 2010 this special offer terminates and general ticket sales start. For further information on Blackfield festival, please visit our homepage at www.blackfield-festival.de.

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