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Ad Inferna, who have kept themselves busy all the time, do not lose time and release “eXsangue“, just months away from the release of their “There Is No Cure” 2011 album which we enjoyed immensely and reviewed here. “eXsangue” can be ordered from here and it comes packed with cleverly designed t-shirts (in both women and […]

Tracklist: “Heaven Screams” * “Killer” * “Land of Nothing” * “Reality Shock” * “Make Us Believe” * “Watch Out” * “Treasure Hunt” * “Wheel of Faith” * “Promises” * “Camp Intel” * “Fuel of Fire (2011)” * “Divided We Fall (2011)” Other Autodafeh news on Autodafeh to Release “Act of Faith” on September-16! About […]

Tracklist: “On Air” * “Space & Time” * “Resolution” * “Control” * “Goodbye 20th Century” * “Streamline” * “Gratitude” * “Nova” * “Photon” * “Radio” Other VNV Nation news by Viva Music: VNV Nation – “Automatic” – New Album Out in September + Preview + Tour Dates | VNV Nation at Nocturnal Culture Night 2011 […]

“I worked my ass off to try to make this CD something special and it means a whole damn lot to hear so many of you guys dig it so quick!” (God Module Facebook fanpage) Other God Module news on God Module – “Rituals” Single Release Today – Viva Music Review  | New System […]

Tracklist: “Prelude” * “Links Rechts Links” * “I Have to Hit You” * “Interlude no. 57” * “You’re Going Down” * “This Is the Deal” * “The Neighbor” * “Interlude no. 58” * “Steam” * “Depression” * “A Force of Unknown People” * “Interlude no. 60” * “Come Push Me Down” * “The Knife” * […]

“We are a dark band, we want people to dance and THINK” (Nick Quarm, Kontaminant) Tracklist: “Monument” * “Burning Book” * “The Last Exile” * “Deception” * “Obsidian” About Kontaminant: Kontaminant are: D.K. Lovatt – vocals, instruments, production; Nick Quarm – Lyrics, PR. Davi previously has experience in Blind Before Dawn and is also a […]

Tracklist: “Ein Tag im April” * “Welcome to Pripyat” * “Here We Are” * “Disappointed” * “1986” * “Wir wollen jetzt” * “2011” * “Sehnsucht” * “We Cannot…” * “Die Farbe der Saison” * “Todeszeit” * “Everybody” * “Unser Werk” * “Evakuierung” About Nova-spes:  Nova-spes is a synthiepop/futurepop/EBM group founded in 1999 in Germany. The […]

Tracklist: “Heaven Screams” * “Killer” * “Land of Nothing” * “Reality Shock” * “Make Us Believe” * “Watch Out” * “Treasure Hunt” * “Wheel of Faith” * “Promises” * “Camp Intel” * “Fuel of Fire” * “Divided We Fall” About Autodafeh: Home based in Sweden, Autodafeh is a trio consisting of Mika Rossi, Jesper Nilsson, […]

“Today, the three East-German EBM-Elektronicfreaks of Digital Factor give a first glimpse on the forthcoming album “Trialog”. “I Have to Hit You” will be available for free audio-download and as HD-video on the website, and of course be published on all video platforms. Furthermore, the audio-download will contain a remix by Black Wedding.” Pre-order the […]