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It’s time again to “F*** the Revolution. This is war.” Because Angelspit, the Australian New York/Berlin-based wonder who played major festivals and who shared the stage with names such as KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Sisters of Mercy or Nitzer Ebb, as well as producers of very viral remixes for various bands (again KMFDM […]

Post image for Necro Facility New Release “Wintermute” Out May-13

Tracklist: 01. You Want It | 02. Explode | 03. Cuts | 04. Do You Feel The Same | 05. Fall Apart |  06. Waiting For The Snow | 07. Ignite | 08. Skrik | 09. Supposed | 10. All That You Take Order now! Not so very often there is an album that brings […]

Chainreactor New Album Out on April 01!

After releasing in 2009 the debut album “X-tinction” as project Chainreactor by Jens M, it quickly became clear that here are no compromises made – hard, dark and compelling- attributes you have to use. Therefore the road to success on the dark dancefloors was paved. First liveshows followed in 2010, inter alia on the renowned […]

And One - Tanzomat Album Review by Viva Music

“He who loves AND ONE because it sounds like AND ONE, AND ONE shall he get”. (Steve Naghavi, interview, 2005) If dance were a science, what we would need today is scientists that split the atom and tell us what dance really is: how we come to feel it, how we come to do […]

The Pain Machinery 'Auto Surveillance' To Be Released on March-17

Since their last album “Urban Survival“, TPM have decided to embrace a more structured electronic sound with fewer building blocks but more punchiness: a compelling hybrid of early Electronic Body Music, New Beat and Acid House dragged kicking and screaming into the future. This change of approach …is already reflected in “Auto Surveillance“, a collection of […]

Project Pitchfork Offers

After coming to DARKWAVE.RO FEST, there are more good news for PROJECT PITCHFORK fans: Side-Line announces that the band will release by March 25 on Trisol a 2 CD set anthology. “First Anthology” will include tracks from the first ten years of their musical career. The anthology has a total of 31 tracks, with songs […]

LeVant is a Romanian electro/darkwave project by George D. Stanciulescu, known as the mastermind behind the dark neoclassical act Ad Ombra. LeVant was created as a more electronic option to Ad Ombra‘s weavings, oscillating between the aesthetics of refined electronica, classy orchestral touches, ethereal, ethnic and sacred music infusions, catchy uptempo beats, fantastic guitar work, […]

Russian Industrial Project Technology of Silence Fourth Release on February 15

Technology of Silence is a story about a post-nuclear city, a story about the people living in this city, a story about an ecological catastrophe, human madness, human fears and the eternal search for a goal in the loneliness.     Technology of Silence is also a Russian Ambient/Industrial/Experimental-project, existing since 2004. Founder of this […]

Zwaremachine Raumschiff Out February 15

Zwaremachine arrived in an evil analog-powered spaceship, haunted by the ghost of a robot and responsible for reprehensible crimes throughout the galaxy.  Inspired by industrial music such as Throbbing Gristle, Front 242 and mid-period Ministry, Zwaremachine comes armed with technology from the future.The haunting debut EP by this duo is assembled from the original source […]

Blutengel releases on January 21 a new single entitled “Reich Mir Die Hand”. The tracklist is: 01. Reich mir die Hand 02. Reich mir die Hand (Remixed by Turnstyle & Fil Groth) 03. Reich mir die Hand (Fire-Eater Remix) 04. Insomnia Below you can see the preview video of the title song, “Reich mir die […]