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TANZ DIE REVOLUTION – DARK ELECTRO/INDUSTRIAL | Sâmbătă, 18 Mai, sunteţi invitaţi la o nouă ediţie TANZ DIE REVOLUTION, în Club Underworld (str. Colţei, nr.48), de la ora 22:00. TANZ DIE REVOLUTION este singurul eveniment ce promovează scena dark-electro/industrial; de la sunetele “dulci” ale synthpop-ului şi cele întunecate ale darkwave-ului, până la ritmurile dansabile de EBM/industrial şi hardstyle, […]

A duo specialized in noisenautics, Nava Spatiala creates sounds which are based on noise/drone/ambient atmospheres, relying on apparently chaotic, unintentional and improvisational use of the spectrum. Carefully keeping you alert along their journeys by the dadaist and deconstructivist approach, they invite you to a continuous exorcism of the present – the soundscapes Nava Spatiala creates […]

It is a great honor and privilege to present a new addition to the Complete Control Productions artist roster. After a few years of relative silence, Swedish EBM veterans Severe Illusion are preparing a full scale comeback later in 2011. The album “No More Alive Than You Deserve” is due for release on CCP, where […]

E-tropolis Festival 2011 news

-English version below- II. E-tropolis Festival 2011 – Pressemitteilung:   Liebe Electrofans, mit dem E-tropolis Festival feierten in diesem Jahr über 3500 Besucher ein mitreißendes Electro-Event, dessen internationale Top-Besetzung für Begeisterung und ausgelassene Stimmung auf dem Berliner Columbiagelände sorgte. Nach dem gelungenen Einstand 2010 wird es auch im kommenden Jahr wieder ein E-tropolis Festival in […]

…English version below… DonisArt in Bucovina! Dupa Brasov si Bucuresti, DonisArt poposeste acum si in Suceava! Reverberant Waves Evening este Seara Speciala care va oferi oportunitatea participantilor de a savura doua recitaluri complet diferite, atat ca structura, cat si ca interpretare. LABURINTHOS este un proiect sucevean format din 6 persoane ce s-au adunat acum mai […]

Amphi festival 2011 press release: date, tickets, bands

  VII AMPHI Festival – The ORKUS Open Air 2011 -Press release- Dear Amphi Fans, The date has been set, the Tanzbrunnen booked and the pre sale has begun. While the preparations for the Amphi Festival 2011 proceed with big leaps, it is high time to unveil the first batch of bands. First bands confirmed […]