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2011 was a great year for our scene. Just a quick roundup of the acts and artists who released new material this year is sufficient to give you an impression, however fleeting, of the great tumult the scene has caused and the important additions 2011 has brought to our playlists. New releases from VNV Nation, […]


In January 2011 we shared the great news of the release of LeVant’s “Beyond the Masque of Eden” with Deadscarletrecords; intuiting that it is a great album and being convinced so by the album trailer (watch here). It was no surprise, then, to discover a great audio experience in the album of the self-entitled “contemporary […]

LeVant is a Romanian electro/darkwave project by George D. Stanciulescu, known as the mastermind behind the dark neoclassical act Ad Ombra. LeVant was created as a more electronic option to Ad Ombra‘s weavings, oscillating between the aesthetics of refined electronica, classy orchestral touches, ethereal, ethnic and sacred music infusions, catchy uptempo beats, fantastic guitar work, […]