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Tracklist: “Back Home (Club Mix)” * “Wounds” * “Rick” * “High (Live in Peine, the Original)” * “Back Home (Mixed Conditioner)” * “Back Home (Berlin Mixer)” * “Missing Track” Other And One news on And One – Tanzomat Album Review by Viva Music  One year after their diamond-studded “Tanzomat” and after a lot of […]

“We are a dark band, we want people to dance and THINK” (Nick Quarm, Kontaminant) Tracklist: “Monument” * “Burning Book” * “The Last Exile” * “Deception” * “Obsidian” About Kontaminant: Kontaminant are: D.K. Lovatt – vocals, instruments, production; Nick Quarm – Lyrics, PR. Davi previously has experience in Blind Before Dawn and is also a […]

Tracklist: “Asleep Or Awake? (Spektralized RMX)” *”Eclipse (OK Minus RMX)” * “Shadow (People Theatre RMX)” * “Apollo (Flipside & Parsberg RMX)” * “Green Queen (Stanley Cupid RMX)” * “Love Will Tear Us Apart” * “Adrift (C-64 Version)” * “Green Queen (Client RMX)” * “Apollo (Rotersand Rework)” * “Shadow (Essence Of Mind RMX)” * “Apollo (Alex […]

Zwaremachine Raumschiff Out February 15

Zwaremachine arrived in an evil analog-powered spaceship, haunted by the ghost of a robot and responsible for reprehensible crimes throughout the galaxy.  Inspired by industrial music such as Throbbing Gristle, Front 242 and mid-period Ministry, Zwaremachine comes armed with technology from the future.The haunting debut EP by this duo is assembled from the original source […]