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  Comunitatea de electro industrial OblivionSoundWave pregateste frontul de lupta in clubul Panic din Bucuresti. Military Oblivion va rescrie istoria petrecerilor de industrial ridicand sunetul la ranguri superioare. Planificarea strategica si tacticile calculate ale generalilor nostri vor distruge rezistenta inamica. Sambata seara muzica va rezona in boxe pe ritmuri de EBM, Industrial și CyberGoth coordonate […]

Oblivion Sound Wave – PornOblivion  În decembrie am reușit să furăm Crăciunul, iar acum e rândul lui Cupidon să-și piardă săgețile. Data de 15 februarie am transformat-o într-o zi a dezmățului, a iubirii și totodată a perversiunii prin decor si atmosferă, așa cum echipaOblivion Sound Wave vede ziua îndrăgostiților. Ne vom dezlănțui pe ringul de […]

Tracklist: “Gun” * “The Day You Disappear” * “It’s Hurting Me” * “Strange Convention” * “We Are” * “Into My Arms” * “Dirty Mind” * “Oblivion” * “Stalking Horse” * “Moonlanding” * “Breath” * “Newborn” * “Lost” Released in October 2010 with Echozone, the debut album from electronic/EBM act Moon.74 is a recent and very […]

Cylix - 'Alpha' Viva Music Album Review

Cylix are: plasmaG (aka George Lamparis; synth, guitar, programming & arrangements) and Harry (aka Harry Grypaios; vocals, programming), a Greek synthpop, electro and EBM duo formed in 2000. On and off on the most prominent club venues and on the Greek scene, they took a professional twist until the release of their debut album, “Alpha” […]

Vigilante - The New Resistance - Out March, 25

In these times, when we are faced with a world where our leaders more and more take away our liberties and rights everyday. In these times, when we wake up in a society where we feel more and more controlled and paralysed by the media everyday. With his latest album, the South American artist VIGILANTE wants […]

First Call Debut ep from S Talker Release Date November 29

S-TALKER is a project of musicians whose names kept secret because of their schizophrenic mind. Their sound is a mixture of progressive Electro, EBM and Techno. But who knows, their sound-attacks could easily drift into Swing or Blues. You can’t even rule out fragments of Reggae, Rock or classical music, because S-TALKER are the persistant […]

Neuwelt Music Ireland and Viva Music Romania Enter Partnership

Neuwelt Music, Ireland’s one and only Electro, Industrial and Dark Music Webzine, and Viva Music, your local Romanian dark, electro, industrial, Gothic, synth, EBM, aggrotech promoter are happy to announce their partnership for the promotion of music and love of music. ‘We have dreams and beliefs. We love all kind of creativity. Our passion is music, […]