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brazda lui novac

2011 was a great year for our scene. Just a quick roundup of the acts and artists who released new material this year is sufficient to give you an impression, however fleeting, of the great tumult the scene has caused and the important additions 2011 has brought to our playlists. New releases from VNV Nation, […]

Tracklist: “EDM” * “Red Pill” * “Algo” * “Sat” * “Blue” * “Move” * “Speed” * “Beatz” * “Machine” * “Shift” * “ASMPS” * “Outro” * “Subheim – Streets (Brazda lui Novac Remix)” RSVP to the release event of Brazda lui Novac “Dizzy” album here. Brazda lui Novac – “Dizzy” – Viva Music Album Review: […]

2011 Festivals to Look Forward to

Planet Myer Day 9 When: January 7 Where: Leipzig, Germany Who: Destroid, Brazda lui Novac, Klangstabil, Empusae, Subheim Official Website: When: January 29 Where: Bucharest, Romania Who: Project Pitchfork, Rabia Sorda, Tenek Official Website: Whitby Gothic Weekend When: March 25 & March 26 Where: Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK Who: Red Lorry Yellow […]