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Tracklist: “Bring in All” * “Desdream” * “Poison” * “Jealous Sky” * “Devil’s Game” * “Sorrow” * “Let’s Play Love” * “In Flames” * “Euphoria” * “XXX” About Desdemona: “Endorphins” is the title of the fourth album by Polish band Desdemona. In Poland the band is often regarded as one of the representatives of the […]

Tracklist: “All Is Well – Senza Macchia” * “The Beautiful Life of the Wasted Youth” * “This Was ‘Die Modernistische Welt’” * “Sisyphus” * “Take Me to Yours” * “Gritty Existence” * “La Defense” * “123456789” * “The Grey” * “Hypnotized” * “Leaving Berlin” * “Les Girafes sur mer” * “Heroes” | Producer: Andy Schwarz, […]

Tracklist: “Stranger” * “This Is Euphoria” * “Moment of Light” * “Last of the Heartbroken” * “Save” * “Forever We” * “Embrace of Your Shadow” * “New Sad Ones” * “Hero of Mine” * “Lost Angel” Info: Moonlight Cove’s debut album, “Orphans of the Storm” was nominated for Best Synth at Manifest Awards in 2009. […]

Tracklist: “Somnia” * “Strom und Drang” * “Befreiungsschlag” * “Sinnkrieg” * “Face It” * “Urwek (Funke)” * “Urwerk (Feuer)” * “Urwerk (Asche)” * “Deconstructors” * “Schall und Rauch” * “City Demon” * “The Buying Dead” * “ZeitgEist” * “Schall und Rauch (Kriegsmonster Remix by Peter Spilles)” * “Strom und Drang (Orange Sector Version)” * “Befreiungsschlag […]

Tracklist: “Beyond Beautiful” * “Bad Romance” (Original performance by: Lady Gaga) * “Dry The Rain” (Acoustic Version) * “October 29” * “Love Is Not Enough” (Piano Version) * “Sooner or Later” (Stage Version) * “Dry the Rain” (Orchestra Version feat. Mono Inc.) Read Viva Music‘s review of Lord of the Lost‘s “Fears” (2010) here. | […]

Tracklist: “I’m Your God” * “Purity” * “Skin” * “The Voyeur” * “Haunt” * “Divine” * “Seethe” * “Closing In” * “The Offering” * “Beautiful Darkness” * “Push” Bonus: “Dionysian Dream” * “Sublime” * “The Love” * “The Voyeur” (Full Version) * “Uranus in Latex/Venus in Furs” * “Twisted” (Kerrang Radio Edit) Download previous album […]

Watch the exclusive official video “Mary” and read exclusive news about the tour, new tracks and PC game from Vlad in Tears after the jump | Order Vlad in Tears’ album “Welcome to Vladyland” from iTunes here | Watch the video “At the End of the World” here About Vlad in Tears: When Kris Vlad […]

Tracklist: “Headplate” * “Breathe” * “Inanimate” * “Eternal Return” * “Unite” * “Once a Week Twice a Day” * “Reset” * “Life Spit Love” * “Fragments” * “Crack Up” * “Baptism” * “The Bright Side of Lies” About Guilt Trip: “We are Guilt Trip. We exist in the in between as existence is relative. We […]

Tracklist: “Crash and Burn” * “Let’s Pretend” * “Just Like Falling” * “Dance of the Dead (feat. Scott from Ivardensphere)” * “Black Flag” * “Never Looking Back” * “Speak No Evil” * “Isolation” * “Underfire” * “The Playground (feat. Dracos from FGFC820)” * “War Never Changes” * “Let’s Pretend (Remix by Grendel)” * “Speak No […]

A duo specialized in noisenautics, Nava Spatiala creates sounds which are based on noise/drone/ambient atmospheres, relying on apparently chaotic, unintentional and improvisational use of the spectrum. Carefully keeping you alert along their journeys by the dadaist and deconstructivist approach, they invite you to a continuous exorcism of the present – the soundscapes Nava Spatiala creates […]