Dark Bombastic 4 @Alba Iulia Citadel, 17&18-Aug: Viva Music Review and Photos

August 22, 2012 in Events in Romania (Reviews)

Dark Bombastic Evening 4 was an amazing experience, and it was yet another reason to make us feel proud of being Romanian! We would like to thank the organizers, bands, participants, technicians, cooks, press, entertainers and all the other supporters and DBE fans who made this event happen within the walls of the Alba Iulia citadel.

The excellent weather and perfect location, the food and general relaxed atmosphere were unexpectedly beautiful add-ons to the music that conquered our souls. The venue accommodated the hundreds of participants offering generous spaces for entertainment, a food court, a bar, an exhibition hall, a large parking lot and a very well positioned stage. The directions and advice from the organizer were welcome who did not hesitate to go the extra mile in every aspect. Here are some photos of the location, audience, unforgettable moments that we will cherish forever.

Click here for the gallery Dark Bombastic Evening – Audience.

 Day One | Day Two

Day One, Saturday Aug-17: Falloch | Isole | Oranssi Pazuzu | Alcest | Lantlos | Unholy | Dark Buddha Rising | The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation | Solstafir

Falloch (Scotland)

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Click here for Falloch @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery.

About: Celtic / Rock / Metal band Falloch (in Scottish: ‘hidden/in hiding’) are a young act, barely created in 2010, but the renown of which is on the surge with the release of their first album, “Where Distant Spirits Remain”, acclaimed thoroughly as ‘debut of the year’ (mortemzine.net) and ‘album of the year’ (ragherrie.com). With an intrinsically clockwork sound and haunting poetry, Falloch are a breathtaking stage presence and inborn performers.

Review: As the first day of festival was dedicated to more aggressive guitar riffs and harsher voice performances, we expected to witness a lot of energetic shows and vibrant displays of metal excellence. The first band scheduled to open Dark Bombastic Evening 4 was a perfect choice, as the young Scots from Falloch gave everything and more and enjoyed being on stage as much as the eager audience enjoyed dancing to the infectious rhythms. Although it was very difficult for us to pin down the different styles Falloch approach in their music, we could sense not only a devotion to metal and post rock, but some folk influences and melodic sequences that brought flavor to the music of the very talented Scottish band. back to top

Isole (Sweden)

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Click here for Isole @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery!

About: Isole (formerly: Forlorn) is a legend of the doom metal underground scene, and are up to the challenge of providing, 20 and more years after their debut, an elegant and compact show of multiple talents. Their discography, both as Forlorn and as Isole is to date one of the main references for their scene, and, from ambitious conceptual albums to music of sheer passion and metallic pragmatism, they carry on a stage effect that rejoices a refined and dedicated public. With well-rounded shows of the quality of career-wide tours de force, that capitalize the firm bond between band members, Isole are frequent performers at numerous events.

Review: Isole surprised us greatly with their very impressive stage presence. If we were asked to choose three words to define Isole’s performance and Dark Bombastic Evening 4, we would definitely go for: depressive, dark, progressive. The very second the lead singer chanted: “This is deceiver” we knew that the four musicians would unleash the dark forces and the great outbursts of power within. With a raucous voice he continued to surprise the audience during the intermezzos. He greeted with a gracious: “Hello, Rrrromania! This is our first time to visit this part of the world!” and then pushed the energy and mayhem to the right direction, getting most of the Romanian and foreign fans to bang their heads and sing along. back to top

Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland)

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Click here for Oranssi Pazuzu @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery.

About: Oranssi Pazuzu describe their musical blend as black metal, space rock, psychedelic & experimental music and they are by no means mistaken in trying to find a cross-referenced genre to pigeonhole their musical capacities. Although a young act, barely formed in 2007, they have already tens of shows in their native Finland and across Europe, and wherever they go, their names stays to mind; and how could it not? Oranssi (Orange) stands for the color of the first light rays in the Big Bang, while Pazuzu hails from mythology – it is the name of a wind demon. “Oranssi Pazuzu conjures sounds from the dark corners of space and mind”, say the members of Oranssi Pazuzu, and they could not be more justified: their intense and energetic shows trigger vying forces that electrify the intellect and soothe with balm the soul.

Review: According to the very statement of the Finnish band members, Oranssi Pazuzu’s music is “a Cosmos exorcism”. As most of the bands who performed on the first day of Dark Bombastic Evening 4, Oranssi Pazuzu are daring challengers of cosmic forces, apocalyptic heroes who emerge from the underground darkness and perform resplendently in front of “all the arsonists and smokers” who are invited to hold hands. Their music is very elaborate and the stage presence is evoking; dark silhouettes who dominate the audience, sounds forming under our eyes in a vortex of rebellion and unusual performance techniques (including playing the guitar with a light bulb, as you can see in the photos) are details that composed a superb show. back to top

Alcest (France)

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Click here for Alcest @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery.

About: A returning act, Alcest have already visited Romania twice before, and their presence at Dark Bombastic Evening 4 is a proof of the affinities between band and their Romanian audience. With a musical testimony for evanescent visions and memories frontman Neige had as a child about a fantastic, remote world, which magnetizes the band’s Crusader-like quest, Alcest come with new material; their 2012 album “Les Voyages de l’Ame” being one of the sensations of the year, but also brimming with plans, including news of a forthcoming Asian tour.

Review: Alcest performs emotions underground style. Who says that it is not possible to produce harsh emotional melody sung in Voltaire’s language is utterly wrong. Definitely a Viva Music favorite when it comes to the impressive blend of emotional melodies and stage presence, Alcest brought again memories and beauty to Romania. The band members belong to the stage and seem to overwhelm the audience with the beauty of the savage incantations that pour naturally from the gifted musicians in constant waves of passion and total empathy. The easiness displayed on stage is immediately acknowledged by the audience that dances wildly or calmly to the music. Alcest, as stated by Donis Art‘s Andreea, performed live for the first time in Romania (with Agalloch) two years ago, and now they have conquered the world preparing for an Asian tour. Congratulations, Alcest! back to top

Meanwhile kids (and not only) were entertained by the talented balance magician and Dan, the wall climbing instructor (and his 6 year old daughter who was of great help!). Dan is a four times national champion climber. Everyone was challenged to climb a far too steep wall (writer’s opinion only, apparently), keep their balance on the rope, ride the bicycle, climb on the citadel wall (to the utter despair of the security, who kept calling them back). During Alcest’s show another nice surprise was provided mainly to the female participants: Ana Maria (Rockabilly Romania) unpacked her goodie bags, and brownies and jewelry were revealed! She is also an absolutely marvelous model, the camera simply loves her and her handmade rockabilly handmade jewelry.

Click here for the gallery Dark Bombastic Evening – Audience.

Lantlos (Germany)

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Click here for Lantlos @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery.

About: Formed in 2005, the German experimental black metal duo Lantlos are an act befriended by Alcest, another acclaimed festival band. Initially, the bands were to get together on stage, but unfortunately, via Alcest’s Facebook page, they declined, due to time limitations with a view to rehearsals prior to Dark Bombastic Evening. Lantlos (in Middle High German: “homeless”) chant the vagrant soul of man, lost and found in the universe, as well as the homelessness of the spirit, with its insight in the otherworldly, but trapped in the convenience of earthly delights.

Review: During Lantlos’ performance at Dark Bombastic Evening 4, two things stroke us: the first was the music that resembled disruptive sequences coming from three guitars evoking the disturbances of on the edge living and dying – maybe the unknown facets of human existence evoking the never ending compelling forces that make every living creature adventure into next second of nothingness or plenitude of value. The second thing that caught our attention was the way the very brave vocalist coped with stage fright and overcame it (DBE IV was his first live performance). His voice is an emergence of force, an ultimate starter of a dark ritual shared with a receptive and energetic audience. Great show and wish Lantlos a lot of success in the future. back to top

 As a symbol of freedom, friendship and joy the Dark Bombastic Evening flag was already flying in the wind, reminding the participants that the spirit of the gathering was “sharing beautiful things with beautiful people”. DBE brings people from all over the world together. We think the spirit of DBE resides in the flexibility and easiness of everyone involved: although everyone works really hard to make things work smoothly: bands, techs, organizers, security, vendors, they all do their work with such a wide smile on their faces that you really feel comfortable and welcome. The official merch of the festival stroke us as the most refined and inspired, especially the girlies with a medieval, gothic, industrial or simply comfy touch, the hoodies and the t-shirts were all well designed and excellently produced. As night was falling, more benches and tables were added on the left hand side of the venue, accommodating the tireless dancers and party people.

Unholy (Finland)

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Click here for Unholy @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery.

About: Like so many other bands from the festival lineup, Unholy hail from Finland – but what sets them apart from them is their unique understanding of doom black metal – scene for which they have toiled many years, being one of Finland’s – and world’s – pioneering acts. With a history of releases and performances that would make many acts green with envy, Unholy have little to dispute, but nevertheless, the same amount of energy, enthusiasm, and sharing of their philosophy as in their early days. Unchanged by years, but also by their 7 year hiatus (2002-2009), Unholy is not back for good, as rumors of their disbandment are not even news anymore, but somehow, we know, this is not how the history of Unholy ends.

Review: As many participants stated, we were lucky to be able to see Unholy perform at Dark Bombastic Evening 4, as they are not a constant presence on the international live scene. Their extensive experience has a word in the way they coordinate the show, orchestrate the audience and use the theatrical moves to intensify the darkness of their music. Their unearthly stage presence evoking elegant gentlemen in high hats with the most immobile faces somehow giving the impression they were not human beings was hugely enhanced by excellent lights. A cohesive and coherent performance that kept the participants connected throughout the entire show. back to top

Dark Buddha Rising (Finland)

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Click here for Dark Buddha Rising @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery.

About: The realm of imagery and admiration the bands of the festival open for us is astonishing. Dark Buddha Rising is no exception; their place in the refined company of festival bands is guaranteed. With their psychedelic trance metal sounds, they are able to convey messages of undisputable beauty; proof is their general statement: “As the dust of centuries has settled on pages unwritten, the gates are opened only within. In ascension rites of introvert spirits, the signature of passing flesh is inscribed in the memorial garden as a note of entrance. Succeeding this initiation, all levels are accessible through death transpired as severance of the flesh and the spirit immortal.” (source: band page)

Review: We don’t have to think too long to realize that Dark Buddha Rising was the most shocking show of the festival. The dark tosses and struggles of the frontman who drank blood and poured it on his strained body while incantations were pouring out of his mouth in the most tenebrous and inhuman way possible, the visuals – the flames of Dark Bombastic Evening found their perfect match during this show – that induced the feeling of uncertainty and despair, all the above played a part in making Dark Buddha Rising a show to remember. The soundscape of unparalleled uniqueness as well as the astounding stage presence created a cold and depressing atmosphere that gave goose bumps to everyone present. The frontman whose face was all painted in black and white, bare chest and accompanying his voice with rhythmic, slow moves recited incantation in the most unearthly manner. back to top

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation (The Netherlands, Germany, France)

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Click here for The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery.

About: The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation is the live improvisation alter ego of The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble. Live recorded releases with several members of The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble (also present on the second day of the festival) and of guest musicians are a constant delight for their audiences, not only because of the permanent state of excitement improvisation brings on both sides of the stage, but also because of the incongruous capacities of band members and their ensemble guests to provoke but also to soothe, to woo but also to dismiss, all in the sheer sexiness of electronic music interspersed with rock and jazz.

Review: It is difficult to describe the music of TMFDC and their stage presence with dim lights and no movement did not help us at all. Their music creates a certain ethereal atmosphere induced by a “dark lady” vocalist, a trumpet, 2 guitars a drummer and a keyboard. What is really interesting about this band in the panoramic sound that seems to alternate from one side of the stage to the other, most of the time concentrated on the trumpet. This was a well deserved moment of calm before the next band that was going to set the stage on fire. back to top

Solstafir (Iceland)

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Click here for Solstafir @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery.

About: Iceland headliners Solstafir (in Icelandic: “crepuscular rays”) have come a long way, and in their first decade of existence have gathered momentum and impact with their self-described “epic rock’n’roll”, and have swept the European concert floor clean with numerous performances. In recent days, their songs gather more appeal, even outside the scene, with tracks getting chart attention in Iceland and Finland (and even topping as number one!), but their affinities remain strictly bound with their original audience, to whom they are dedicated and with whom they create new harmonies they see in the slit between night and day, between life and death, and between love and hate.

Review: Solstafir is a famous band. The band members offer a heartfelt metal show and they look like Woodstock artists with a gothic touch a la Fields of the Nephilim. The vocals are extremely high pitched and harsh. The lyrics are in Icelandic. The stage presence is amazing, the band members moving and changing places all the time. The lights were mostly green and red, and gave the impression of coldness and detached suffering. With all these being said, picture 2 band members entering the stage cigarette in mouth, relaxed but determined to give all to the eager Romanian audience. Solstafir are dynamic, energetic, involved, determined and very talented. The rock and roll attitude suits them perfectly and there was nothing better to end an amazing first day of festival than their world class show. back to top

As a general observation for the first day of Dark Bombastic Evening: all bands were 2 or 3 guitar based, all producing a pleasing refined sound clashing severely with a heavy drum sound. The wild guitar riffs blended with the apocalyptic apex of all performances – the growl vocals that are definitely the sequences inducing the heavy head banging and powerful fist support from the audience. Unlike other audiences, metal fans have their predefined ritual: first welcoming the band ( we noticed that from band 1 the participants were not reluctant to come very close to the stage), then assessing the entrance moment while gracefully keeping the pace with the instruments and then mayhem!

Day Two, Sunday Aug-18: Dordeduh | Rose Rovine e Amanti | Sunset in the 12th House | Hexvessel | Coulisses | Isobel & November | Theodor Bastard | Job Karma | Of the Wand and the Moon | The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble

Dordeduh (Romania)

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Click here for Dordeduh @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery.

About: An interesting Negura Bunget splinter, Dordeduh (in Romanian: “yearning for Spirit”) are the new sensation of the last few years. Thoroughly acclaimed for their interpretation of the world of metal, being engaged in a perpetual quest, not unlike mankind’s, for the spirit, for the sacred, and for values of the soul. Dordeduh are present in the festival with a unique opportunity to listen to their new album, due in September with German label Prophecy Productions.

Review: Dordeduh audition of the new album resumed with an awesome surprise: 2 songs were performed live at 3 pm on Saturday! Nice kick off for the second day of the Dark Bombastic Evening 4! Just like our previous Negura Bunget experience, we felt the forces of nature unleash during the unfortunately too short set of DDD. Their music transcends regular harmonies and addresses the bare roots of our ancestral heritage, the core values preserved by generations of Romanians in the spiritual vault of tradition, buried deep down in the ground, flowing in the rivers and floating on the ancient rivers. Dordeduh take their power from Romanian ancestral wisdom, from the archaic treasures of language, spirit and traditions. back to top

The young participants were really impatient to taste the day’s specials: polenta with cheese and sausage stew. Just like the previous evening, the large crepes filled with fruit jam were at high demand. As we arrived, we bought a really nice Dark Bombastic Evening shirt for Adara, and then went straight to the food court to get our long awaited fix of egg plant salad on fresh bread! Delightful taste of fresh onion and chunks of vegetables!

Rose Rovine e Amanti (Italy)

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Click here for Rose Rovine e Amanti @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery.

About: Italian act Rose Rovine e Amanti (in Italian: “Roses, Ruins and Lovers”) juxtapose rock and neo-folk music in a blend that they choose to describe via their influences like this: “Sol Invictus, And Also The Trees, David Bowie, Lucio Battisti, Leonard Cohen, Death In June & Current 93 and Jacques Brel style, all reinforced by a Mediterranean taste” – and that’s a thrill already! The music is inspired by religious visions of the medieval Catholic Europe to cabaret grotesque pieces to human madness all explored with an inner spiritual strength.

Review: Rose Rovine e Amanti stand out thanks to the amazingly warm voice coming from the guy with the red rose on the side of his hat. The two gothic ladies who accompanied him on stage – violin and keyboard – dark haired, dressed in lace and high heeled boots, were at the same time the hot Mediterranean exotic beauties of the festival. Very lyrical performance with a touch of Italian ballad, and in our opinion the most visually exotic and beautiful presence of the DBE 4. back to top

Sunset in the 12th House

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Click here for Sunset in the 12th House @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery.

About: A recent addition to the scene, Sunset in the 12th House is a Dordeduh variant that explores the mystical penchant of band members. The name, “Sunset in the 12th House”, has direct astrological implications. In astrology, the 12th house represents the subconscious and the unknown, in which dwell melodious realities that need to be conveyed to us in the same manner Middle Age monks fancied the music of angels. Sunset in the 12th House relies greatly on experiment, but does not leave a certain post-rock frame in which they allow themselves to come up with an unmistakable style.

Review: Although the project is just another facet of Dordeduh, Sunset in the 12th House is more atmospheric with emotional pitches performed by the frontman. Apocalyptic soundscapes melted into ballads immersing the participants into picturesque or dark worlds of choice revealed new vibes from probably the most talented Romanian musicians in the scene. back to top

To my immense pleasure and surprise, the polenta was served with tomatoes! And they reminded me of my childhood when tomatoes were really sweet and soft! The weather was probably one of the most ardent supporters of DBE 4, as on the second day, the temperature was lower than the previous day, thus allowing the party makers to return to the atmosphere smoothly. By far one of the most popular attractions of the festival, the wall for everyone to climb attracted Romanians, foreigners, grownups and children, band members and cooks at the same time. The conquest of the wall was declared the festival official sport (at night time replaced by the beer drinking contest, also pretty popular).

Starting 4 o’clock another event took place within the citadel walls: a dog exhibition. All animal lovers paid a short visit next door where so many breeds were presented in various contests and parades. Some of the participants also rented bicycles and rode in the citadel (we did that on Sunday, too).

Hexvessel (Finland)

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Click here for Hexvessel @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery.

About: Hexvessel (in mock English: “vessel of witches”, although band members refuse to go along the lines of the literal meaning) is a psychedelic occult folk group that comes from the early 1980’s. Their arsenal is English folk and psychedelia, coupled with a love for Finnish nature, folklore and pagan mysticism. They play, in their own words, “a witches brew of acoustic balladry and heavy tripped-out atmospherics”. A Dark Bombastic 3 audience favorite, they come back the second year in a row, with new material from their forthcoming album, as well as the songs that enchanted last year’s audience.

Review: Hexvessel was our favorite act on the second day in terms of complexity, creativity and stage presence. 8 musicians absolutely wonderfully coordinated on stage with a melancholic, medieval at times, sexy and atmospheric sound inducing a trance. Various unconventional instruments were used, an enchanted princess with heavy dark blonde hair played using bells on a string, a tireless lead singer with a small perky hat (who reminded us of the energetic Spiritual Front vocalist) chanted every song just like a witch would prepare her potions. Although they express their music via saturated incantations and emotion stirring sequences, Hexvessel are the most likely band to be sometimes labeled as lyrical and psychedelic. The violin, mandolin and other percussion instruments mark the entrance to a fairytale world we perceive only while listening to Hexvessel. back to top

Coulisses (Sweden)/

Coulisses – Official | on Facebook

Isobel & November (Sweden)

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Click here for Coulisses and here for Isobel & November @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo galleries.

About: Coulisses (in French: “backstage”) is a Swedish project initiated by Per-Erik Soderberg, frontman of Isobel & November (forthcoming in the festival setlist). Although a recent date act, Coulisses have actually been in the making since as far back as 2002. Back then, the idea was to write instrumental songs inspired by European and American folk music, as well as movie soundtracks. Some of this is still an inspiration, but in its current state Coulisses has grown into a vehicle of Per-Erik Soderberg’s inner self, with his trademark vocals and lyrics leading the way.

A surprising presence in the festival, Isobel & November defy the notion of genre with their music – critics have hailed their live shows with creative copy like “Post-rock Johnny Cash”, “Neil Young and 80s Nick Cave in a forest” and “Goth-doom-country-esque”. Their performances are never shallow, and they take music making seriously, even if somewhat unconventionally: one of their albums was recorded in a church, and most of their songs carry on an aftertaste of arcane, undecided, and open ends.

Review:  The first minutes of the Per-Erik show started with only him on stage (voice and guitar). He has a beautiful, deep and clear voice, which managed to freeze everyone in awe for a few minutes. The second part of the show (Isobel & November) brought more musicians on stage, and to the voice and guitar a keyboard was added, and then later the drums joined the ensemble. The second guitar was added, and one of the most vibrant bands of the day was shaped. Echoes of the day before with all the energy and musical explosiveness were present. We heard very lyrical and beautifully shaped songs, with a strong interpretative apex toward the end of the show when the soothing voice became a powerful tool used to penetrate straight to the souls of the participants. We had to admit that performing after such gifted musicians would have been a real challenge, so we were looking forward to what lied in store for the rest of the evening. We could witness hands actually flying on guitar strings and we heard the very pleasant: “It is a privilege to sing for you!”. The last song was dedicated to Pussy Riot (the Russian girl band who stood for their views and had to suffer consequences in a country where freedom of speech does not exist). The lead singer concluded: “It is a f…ing shame isn’t it?” back to top

Theodor Bastard (Russia)

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Click here for Theodor Bastard @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery.

About: Theodor Bastard is a world music/trip-hop band from St. Petersburg, Russia. One of the most unusual contemporary Russian world-music collectives, the band hails from the late 1990’s. The band work their way between genres that can be defined as world music, darkwave and trip-hop. The trademark of the band is the unique voice of Yana Veva, and their choice of influences is thoroughly educated, to say the least: Pink Floyd, Massive Attack, Bauhaus, Unkle, Elizabeth Fraser, and Peter Gabriel range among band members’ favorite acts.

Review: Theodore Bastard was our favorite act of the second festival day. The amazing female vocalist played the flute and metal clackers, and we could swear at times that her voice was identical to Ofra Haza’s and Loreena McKennitt’s at times. As the show unfolded we could understand a few Russian words, we detected the Indian traditional music influence, some trip-hop episodes from the multiskilled musician playing the guitar and other instruments we couldn’t even name. An absolutely amazing experience, an audience vibrating like one in the rhythm of the toms and soothed by the voice of the goddess Yana Veva. They come from Russia, but their music encompasses the beauty and sensibility of countless countries, crossing all traditional boundaries and blending extracting essence of beauty in the shape of sound. Five musicians who belong on the greatest stages of world international festivals managed to change for quite a few the perception of separation and identity in musical style, convincing the nonbelievers that beauty is everywhere as long as you let it enter your heart. back to top

Job Karma (Poland)

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Click here for Job Karma @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery.

About: A cinematic trance ambient/postindustrial act, Job Karma was founded in 1997 in their native Poland. The group employs a wide variety of means of expression, ranging from synthetically prepared electro/acoustic structures and sampling, to distorted or processed rhythms or even melodies. Through their music and carefully selected and prepared imagery and videos they seek to deal with the dysfunctional elements of contemporary civilization, the looming war and annihilation, the inimical political and religious system and the slow decline of all values due to the progressive commercialization of the day-to-day life of an individual and society.

Review: Unfortunately, and it is unfortunate that we are starting our short review with this word, Job Karma were an act expected by only a few at Alba Iulia. We met two people who stated that they came to see Job Karma only, and we can understand where they were coming from: Job Karma is an industrial music project with two musicians on stage, managing the so popular laptops and keys in the electro music world. We could admire the astounding black and white projections during the very short set, and we could only hope to see them again, maybe with more industrial music fans around us. back to top

Of the Wand and the Moon (Denmark)

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Click here for Of the Wand and the Moon @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery.

About: Of the Wand and the Moon is a Danish neo-folk project started by Kim Larsen as early as 1998. Strongly influenced by early dark folk acts such as Death In June, they play a melancholic acoustic music, often aided by various guest musicians, with lyrics mainly in English and Danish. Pagan and runic themes have a prominent role in the music, artwork and lyrics of the band. Their prolific history of releases blends in the core of neo-folk experimentalism a pinch of ambient music, to the delight of their audiences worldwide.

Review: Of the Wand and the Moon will stay in our minds especially for the very interesting dark and gloomy atmosphere on stage. The sextet who played lyrical and very emotional music stroke as very righteous and complex. A lot of cheering with Romanian beer from the frontman and a beautiful female presence did not change the dark atmosphere a bit. The songs went on pouring like a very soothing potion, whilst Kim Larsen’s voice reminded us of Leonard Cohen’s voice. Sometimes, “Tearing apart, we’re breaking apart” chorus haunts our memories and makes us go back to the CD’s.  back to top

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble

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Click here for The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery.

About: The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble formed in 2000 as a project to compose new music for existing silent movies. Although an international act, the Netherlands has been the band’s homebase since 2007, while members have moved closer to each other to make composing and producing easier. Partner act The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, which was featured on the first day of the Dark Bombastic Evening 4, is an opportunity for musicians to host exchanges of guest artist and fellow musicians, combining the tendencies of dark jazz and doom metal to surprising new heights. The band fuse analog and digital as much as possible and combines the traditional set of instruments (among which cello, violin, bass etc.) and software, including one of their own device, and continuously showing how music blends, and mutates.

Review: The last act of a perfect festival performed late at night on Saturday. Everyone was enjoying the panoramic sounds we were already familiar with, and we could tell the participants were already regretting the fact that they were listening to the last sounds to be heard under the Dark Bombastic Evening umbrella in Alba Iulia. We thank again to all the participants, and we certainly hope to see them again next year! back to top

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