Out Tomorrow: Moonlight Cove – “Hearts of the World”: Viva Music Album Review

May 8, 2012 in Album Reviews

Tracklist: “Stranger” * “This Is Euphoria” * “Moment of Light” * “Last of the Heartbroken” * “Save” * “Forever We” * “Embrace of Your Shadow” * “New Sad Ones” * “Hero of Mine” * “Lost Angel

Info: Moonlight Cove’s debut album, “Orphans of the Storm” was nominated for Best Synth at Manifest Awards in 2009. “Hearts of the World” is produced by the band and released on May-09 through their own label Kinetophone. Moonlight Cove are: Markus Landgren (vocals), Mattias Lofroth, Marcus Karlsson (synths).

Moonlight Cove – “Hearts of the World”: Viva Music Album Review:

Hearts of the World” is a great find of this season, one that made us listen to the new release from Moonlight Cove several times, enthralled by the acoustics and very welcoming lyrical content. It would be difficult to catalog their music in any other rubric than Swedish spectacular. And our enthusiasm was not quenched easily because each of their 10 tracks included in the new album have a particular twist and they all sound novel, fresh and very musically pertinent. To begin with, there’s “Stranger” – a quick induction into the feel of Moonlight Cove, with diverse hues of electronica and with a sinuous vocal effect that makes the track simply terrific. And next “This Is Euphoria” is the kind of track that tells you exactly what it does from the very title – it’s a flood of sound that instills a feel good, relaxed and tense at the same time, atmosphere. “Moment of Light” and “Last of the Heartbroken”, although dilute the enthusiasm that gathers up in previous tracks, are among Viva Music favorites from the album, and the cozy feel that becomes patent with “Hearts of the World” keeps on rolling with each new track: there’s “Save”, with a resplendent scenery and a fantastic background, and then there’s also “Forever We” that reminded us of a wide range of artists from Kiethevez to Hurts, both in intensity and maturity of sound. “Embrace Your Shadow”, again a Viva Music favorite, is followed by “Next Sad Ones”, again on the more melancholy side, but nevertheless true to itself and with an authentic feeling and musical line, as well as by “Hero of Mine”, which, we must confess, stays as a compilation favorite of ours if we were to select Moonlight Cove tracks for a wider audience. “Lost Angel” closes the album with a majestic feeling and a great performance of sound.

Hearts of the World” is definitely one album we will quote at the end of 2012 as the fresh change we needed in our playlist this year. It’s wonderful, actually, what can be done with voice and synth, and maybe it’s the kind of return of classical electronica that needed to be clad in contemporary subjects and feelings. We warmheartedly recommend “Hearts of the World”, enjoy!

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