Diary of Dreams @The Silver Church Arena, Bucharest Feb-29: Viva Music Review

March 2, 2012 in Events in Romania (Reviews)

February 29’s tend to be special occasions – after all, you only witness a couple of them during your lifetime, and they only come every four years. February 29, 2012 was really such a day, since the wonderful performance from Diary of Dreams in Bucharest (their second, after Viva Music‘s own feature of Diary of Dreams in our first Darkwave.ro fest three years ago (photo gallery by Viva Music | event presentation [in Romanian]). It turned out to be an awesome night, with Diary of Dreams offering a well-rounded tour of their oldest and newest, ranging from “False Affection, False Creation” to their last year’s “Mein Eid“, and with a frantic crowd as diverse as you would ever want to witness during a show; with devoted fans who knew all the lyrics to their songs, and were happy to recognize them in the setlist, and with newcomers to the miracles performed on stage by Diary of Dreams.

For full gallery by Viviana Ball/Viva Music and Aridwev Andrei/Tanz die Revolution click here.

Now in the endterm of their 2011-12 Ego:X tour (read Viva Music’s review of Diary of Dreams’ 2011 album “Ego:Xhere), which was offered generously by the band in 30+ venues across the world, Diary of Dreams chose a very wise setlist for their second Bucharest date. It is, as you might well intuit, a rare occasion for a band from our scene to be present for the second time in our beloved Bucharest. but it’s also gladdening news, because during the three years which elapsed since their first Bucharest date, the scene evolved, the concerts and festivals increased in number and became more diverse, and then there are the other events, radio shows, parties and of course, a beautiful community of beautiful people which is there to witness all this bounty. Diary of Dreams came to Bucharest with great enthusiasm and very eager to please their audience – which, at almost full house – welcomed them in their turn with similar keenness and fervor.

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After a very enticing “Intro”, Diary of Dreams did not lose time to induct their audience into the fervent and solemn rhythms of “The Wedding”. “Lebenslang” and “Menschfeind” ensued, asking the crowd to show what they got, and then “Chemicals” and of course, an applauded masterpiece such as their “The Plague”. You needed to be there to love their “Reign of Chaos” and “Giftraum”, as well as their great “Ego:X” track “Mein Eid”. From newest – “Mein Eid” to oldest – “False Affection, False Creation” from their 1994 “Cholymelan”. The cavalcade of goodies went on with “Wahn?Sinn!” and “King of Nowhere”, which were responded to ardently, as well as their save-the-best-for-last strategy that meant keeping for the end a great streak that included “Amok”, “The Curse”, and “Butterfly – Dance!”. Toward the end, a great performance of “She and Her Darkness” convinced all attending how successful the night was, and just how much passion was poured by the band into the show.

Diary of Dreams’ performance in The Silver Church Arena was a wonderful occasion to meet old and new friends, to immerse in the captivating atmosphere born from the next to perfect interaction of artists and audience. And we won’t need to wait long for their next performance, because within weeks we are going to report back to you about Diary of Dreams’ performance at Industrial Boom – Reboot Festival from Budapest!

Diary of Dreams: Official Website | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

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