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February 23, 2012 in Album Reviews

Tracklist: “This Death” * “The Call” * “Rapture” * “This Is the Life” * “The Strange” * “All Alone” * “The Offering” * “The Mind Killer” * “So Far Away” * “Cold

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Inure – “The Offering”: Viva Music Album Review:

Last month when we had the opportunity to listen to Inure’s single release “In this Life”, our intuition was that we will be eagerly awaiting a perfect album, and our expectations did not fall short one bit once “The Offering”, to be released next week on Feb-28 with Metropolis flooded our ears. It’s indeed some “offering”, and it is a fascinating excursion in sound and emotion. Inure seem to have found a great recipe for music making and performance and they are one of the groups which deserve your undivided attention: you are surely going to hear about them a lot in the future, and they are definitely going to stay as one of the defining influences of 2012 and onwards.

To begin with, “This Death”, which we had the chance to listen to in the single release as well (featured as “This Death (Terrolokaust Remix)” and “Le Petit Mort (16volt Remix)”), sounds as expected glorious and sublime. It has a tinge of melancholy that is bound to beckon you nearer and once the harsher sounds deploy, you will be drawn into a new universe, as demanding and convincing as a lover. The industrial aura of “This Death” is reason enough to go on with the sound magnificence of the album, as it moves on with “The Call”, a sexy track of great impact, which you will definitely want to add to your playlists upon listening to it. With “The Call”, the dark electro ambient promised by “This Death” is already a fulfilled promise. A relevant and dance-friendly piece, “The Call” is followed suit by “Rapture”, the sound of which revolves around a very enticing musical line. If “Rapture” sounds good, it is also because of the novelty and freshness of the music, and that is a big plus for any new album nowadays. “This Is the Life”, the undisputed star of the single release from January (“This Is the Life (Album Version)”, “This Is the Life (Vogel Remix)”, “This Is the Life (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)”, “This Is the Life (WhiteQube Remix)”, “This Is the Life (Imperative Reaction Remix)” are the many guises under which it was revealed to us in the single release) is not a new track for fans of the single release, but it surely sounds fuller and more longlasting in the good company of the other tracks from the compilation. This song deserves a review entry all by itself, and then it is no wonder it was the perfect candidate for a single release. What is more, the attention it attracted from other artists – Aesthetic Perfection to begin with, is also tell-tale of its impact. Not one bit less great, “The Strange” and “All Alone” provide very eloquent and memorable listening material. “All Alone”, a Viva Music favorite, which stands erect next to “This Is the Life” is a groovy piece of music, and there is definitely some magic at stake, it sounds that good! And do not bother to catch your breath just now, the intelligent frenzy of “The Offering”, the track that gives the title of the album is next; its vibes persist well after the track is done and dissolves into “The Mind Killer”. “So Far Away” is a misnomer for a track that makes you feel conversely so close; and it even if it lingers on the quieter side, it is nonetheless a special kind of listen, with a lot of energy and a distinguishable melody. The album closes with “Cold”, the eerie and yet comforting music of which sounds just great.

The Offering” shows through its fabric a well done job and it provides sufficient and memorable listening material. It is indeed one of those albums you wish to listen to again and no matter how different your mindset will be in the future, the album is bound to have the same impact it had on first listening to it – it’s that good! Enjoy!

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