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January 11, 2012 in Album Reviews

Tracklist: “Opus Dei” * “Shed No Tears” * “Hell Within” * “All Shall Die” * “Madone” * “Revelations 17” * “Extinction” * “Das Ende” * “Litanie de Sang” * “Ad Inferna” * “Infinite Si Mal

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Just one year after “There Is No Cure”, Ad Inferna plan to release a new album in April 2012, with the working title “Ultimum Ominum”. We had the immense pleasure and privilege to listen to the new album (as a result of an exclusive pre-listening arrangement), and it’s all fantastic. With a sound degrees away from what we last listened from the band, the album provokes a very pertinent and persistent feeling, what is more, the sound is enhanced by the pivotal philosophy narrated through the lyrics.

Opus Dei”, the alert debut of the album conveys a crucial intro to what is about to invade your headphones; the infernal clamor that is about to take over once “Shed No Tears” steps in. The latter track is a full fledged electronic anthem, with all it takes in order for it to be memorable and exhaling charisma. The same notion of descent to the depths of hell is rendered poetically by “Hell Within”, a song up to the challenge of raising the hairs on anyone’s back and talking everyone into a cadenced dance against the backdrop of the circles of hell. With a title heavy with amertume and existential clarity, “All Shall Die” spirals up with a very heartfelt discourse, that seems to tame the musicality of the track in order to exploit the despair of mortality. A Viva Music favorite, “Madone” springs from the same source, but adds tinges of piety and wonder at the ways in which humanity understood to integrate mortality in the frames of our lives. Tender and sagacious at the same time, “Madone” is a fluid track, and very much unlike what Ad Inferna had accustomed us to so far. All’s good, though, it provides a platform for more music to explore, and it is definitely worth exploring. With “Revelations 17” the opposition between the previous “Madone” and the Whore of Babylon who is described in the relevant verses of the Revelations called upon by the title, the rhythm changes, but the polarities and attractions sparkle free of any position. The antonymic couplet is further enhanced by the ensuing “Extinction”, a narrative loop that carries us forth toward “Das Ende”. In this narration, many feelings are explored and mapped on the listener, and it is a great artistic endeavor to do so authentically and convincingly, too. But Ad Inferna manage to do so excellently. Another Viva Music favorite, ”Litanie de Sang” provides equal inspiration and is definitely one of the signs we needed in order to know for sure that yes, we are going to have good music released in 2012, too! A majestic “Ad Inferna” and a breathtaking “Infinite Si Mal”, with an awe-inspiring Hebrew scriptural reading conclude the new album from Ad Inferna consuming and at the same time renewing the superb overall emotional makeup of the album.

Watch the album trailer below:

Ultimum Ominum” is set to be released on Apr-06; we hope to hear great news about the album in the meantime, it is bound to charm more than one ear. Enjoy!

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