Sin D.N.A. – “Afterlife” Out Today Oct-28! Viva Music Album Review

October 28, 2011 in Album Reviews

Tracklist: “Afterlife” * “Now It’s Dark” * “Afterlife (F*** You Pay Me Mix)” * “No God” * “Wasted Passion” * “Plague Wielder” * “Afterlife (Sin Piedad Remix by Dulce Liquido)” * “Now It’s Dark (Soman Remix)” * “Wasted Passion (Reaxion Guerrilla Remix)” * “No God (Dym Remix)” * “All Life Has Faded

Sin D.N.A. – “Afterlife“: Viva Music Album Review:

Sin D.N.A. (Mario Carrasco, Sergio Ramirez) release their “Afterlife” today, Oct-28 on Deathwatch Asia and it is one of the most expected albums of the season. The Texas duo (Mario Carrasco and Sergio Ramirez) met in 1996 and collaborated on various projects, but it was not until 2004 that they actually started working on the concept and music of Sin D.N.A.. Their new album, comprising six original pieces and five fascinating remixes by Dulce Liquido, Reaxion Guerrilla, Dym and Soman, is an outstanding example of dark electro, truly creative and inspiring, with a correct outlook on life and music.

Darkness occupies a central spot in the conceptual art of “Afterlife”. The powerful sound of the album advances unfaltering through the rough and appealing set of Sin D.N.A. and is conclusively persuasive and entertaining. Dance-wise, it is a possessed piece of electro with darker influences and with a pinch of EBM madness, all in all a very plausible and concrete experience. Notwithstanding its power, the humane face of Sin D.N.A. is visible in the album’s sound and you can actually follow the astute synth lines and make them your friends if you want to. A very layered experience, the album qualifies for a crystal-clear listening experience, because from the point of view of production it really sounds pro. “Afterlife” is mesmerizing and intuitive in its choice of sounds, but at the same time expertly hitting the right chord and massaging the right spot. So is “Now It’s Dark”, a sincere and obsessive music piece, which continues the musical joyride of the album, and is able to produce a kaleidoscope effect of sound, stemming forth in indiscernible minute branches and captivating the listener with every new beat. “No God” does not upset this tradition, but instead it carouses in the manner of classical electro with a definite feel for sound responsiveness in the listener and with a rock-solid, fiery red thread of untainted tempo. “Wasted Passion” revolves around the same concept, but clad in new clothes of fascinating sound and impeccable vocals, it sounds like a song of renewal. “Plague Wielder”, a Viva Music favorite, is there to reinforce the listener’s trust in Sin D.N.A., it makes your head spin and your fingers tingle with an overpowering, superb electro anthem at the same time passionate and disparaging. The final piece on the album, “All Life Has Faded” is conducive of a very special mood, and it gleams and emanates a solid bound between artist and listener. The album comes packed with the remixes of “Afterlife”, “Now It’s Dark”, “No God” and “Wasted Passion”, in their entirety supreme deconstructions of the original tracks and purveyors of sheer sensations and almost religious devotion. Sin D.N.A.’s “Afterlife” is energetic, refined and makes for a really good listen. Enjoy!

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