What is Promonetics and Why You SHOULD Join. Interview with Promonetics Founder Patrik Lindstrom

October 14, 2011 in Interviews

VIVA MUSIC: What is Promonetics in brief?

Patrik Lindström: Promonetics is a promotional community for labels, artists, promoters, DJ’s and media. You can think of it as a blend of Facebook/Myspace/Google+ together with a promopool. At Promonetics, artists and labels are able to share their promotional material such as promos, videos, photos and live dates to hundreds of potential partners and get all the feedback on the same place. The DJ’s and media have a great library of promos to review, give feedback on and create partnerships. All for free.

VIVA MUSIC: What is the appeal of Promonetics for a bigshot? What about a newcomer?

Patrik Lindström: There’s big potential for the big label as well as for the small artist. For the big label, they are able to reach DJ’s and media they would not have come in contact with otherwise. As well as cutting down maintenance and cost on their own promopool (I know a few labels that have stopped their own promopool to go over to Promonetics to 100%). The (perhaps unsigned) artist is able to easily get their promo out to hundreds of potential media users, but also other labels, so they both get the promotion and the possibility to be signed.

VIVA MUSIC: When did you first have the idea of Promonetics and when did it all start?

Patrik Lindström: When I started to learn how to code PHP (actually only learned about 1-1½ years ago), I wanted to make something that was both usable and good for learning. So it all started out as a down-loadable webapp promopool kit. The thought was that labels could download it for free, install it on their own platform and customize the appearance to fit their own design. When I was only a few hours until completion, I started to think what I wanted myself as a editor of a netzine (Brutal Resonance). I was tired of visiting so many  different promopools, I wanted all the promos from the same spot, an easy way to find new interesting labels, give feedback in an easy way and most off all, get a closer connection by actually creating a friendship. I also wanted it to be a free service, financed by peoples donations. So I started to form the basic idea of what Promonetics is today. With the help of German promoter Promofabrik, that gave me webspace, I was able to start out with a simple promopool functionality, just to see if it was any interest in it. It was, the site grew and I left the Promofabrik server for Blackbyte.se who supply me with servers for a very, very decent amount. Since the release, the site has gone through quite a few versions, different functionality (testing what works and what is not) and is what you see today. The social and free promopool platform that is Promonetics with around 500 users. Now, I can honestly say that I have reached the point where I am pleased with Promonetics, what I wanted one year ago when I started out testing different approaches. But the fact that I am pleased does not mean I am done, I always, every day, think of new ways to make it better. I also listen to all user feedback and try to supply with their wishes whenever possible.

VIVA MUSIC: With sound platforms such as Facebook, do you find another platform a whim, or has it become even more difficult to find ‘people’ since Facebook?

Patrik Lindström: I think all social interactions are of good. Facebook has been a great source for me, especially to communicate happenings and events on the Promonetics Facebook page. But to be honest, the growth of the site is through my users. It became quite the spider web of sort. I started to mail out to about 20 labels, then the ones that found interest mailed their users, and then they mailed their labels and partners and it spread out throughout many different genres and all over the world. I love this digital social interaction, how people spread what they like. You are no longer bound to the area you live in, you have the entire world just a click away.

VIVA MUSIC: Promonetics is not the only project you’re involved in, and you also have to make a living. Do your days come in slots larger than 24 hours?

Patrik Lindström: Haha, no, I like to keep myself busy. Apart from Promonetics.com, I’m also the founder and editor of the netzine Brutal Resonance (brutalresonance.com), I do some coding work (you can see some samples at lindstrom-coding.net). But my profession is as a Senior Test Manager consultant for the IT consultant company Epsilon, here in my hometown Gothenburg (Sweden). I also try to find some time for the family (girlfriend and a crazy dog and a crazy cat), do some gaming and watching series and movies. I’m such a nerd!

VIVA MUSIC: What is rotating heavily in your playlists right now?

Patrik Lindström: I tend to only be able to listen to what I need to review for the moment, and right now I’m lucky enough to be listening to System Syn‘s new album ‘All Seasons Pass’, great dark electro. I loved their last album ‘Strangers’ and this one is quite different, but still great.

VIVA MUSIC: If you were to throw a party, what music would you include in its playlist?

Patrik Lindström: This maybe come as quite a surprise, but my absolute favorite band is not within the electronic genre. It’s the (in my eyes) godlike 16 Horsepower with their amazing blend of dark country and blue grass. Some writer wrote that they sound like “if Nick Cave was living around the time of cowboys”. So, I would probably force feed people with some 16HP. Go and see their video for their track “Haw”, you can find it (legally uploaded) on YouTube. That is what made me fall in love with them.

VIVA MUSIC: What has been a revelation, musically, for you in 2011?

Patrik Lindström: Well, if you look upon the scene itself, I’m still amazed how friendly and generous most people are, especially with their time. I love it. More music wise, I would say that I was surprised that it is still possible to make unique and great sounding synthpop. Zynic‘s debut album as well as Erotic Elk‘s last album showed me that they synthpop scene might be flooded with, lets just say less good albums, but it’s still alive and kicking.

VIVA MUSIC: What words of encouragement would you give to the Romanian community?

Patrik Lindström: Don’t give up. Fight your place amongst the scene. Be generous, be friendly, and create networks. During the beginning of the 00’s I watched the South American scene explode, now, I think the Russian scene is on their way into the spotlight. Talent is always talent and will always be talent. And where there is talent, the world will stop for a second to listen and watch. I would also like to thank Viva Music for giving me this opportunity to say hi to you all. This is a great honor for me and the fact that my little project Promonetics could make such an impact makes me humble. Thank you all.

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