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September 15, 2011 in Album Reviews

Tracklist: “Alpha Bravo” * “Mirage” * “Breathe in, Breathe Out” * “Adorable” * “Live to Love” * “Half the Double Speed” * “Alone in the Dark” * “Forever” * “EdT

About Lowe:

Lowe are: Leo Josefsson (vocals); Rickard Gunnarsson (bass, backing vocals, synthesizer); Tobias Ersson (synthesizers, backing vocals).

Lowe discography (albums): “Evolver” (2011); “Kino International” (2008); “Tenant” (2004).

The third album from Swedish electro pop noir trio Lowe is out! With the teasing name “Evolver”, at the shortest distance from their #1 Swedish iTunes Alternative Charts topping single “Breathe in, Breathe Out”. A young band, formed only in 2004, they were the wunderkinds who got “best song”, “best newcomer”, and “best album” awards at the Scandinavian Music Awards with their first album alone. Sharing their time between Stockholm and Berlin, they were the first non-US band to be aired live on The Real Radio Show from Times Square in NY. Having extensively toured Europe and the US, Lowe are often put side by side with acts such as The Cure, Kent, New Order, and Visage, with whom they’ve also shared the stage during tours.

Evolver”, their third album to date, is described by lead singer Leo Josefsson as their darkest to date, providing a mixture of synths and disco balls and cutting new ground while coming up with their most homogenous album.

Lowe – “Evolver” – Viva Music Review:

Getting through the thick mist of “Alpha Bravo” is the trial of fire of the album – a polyvalent song that starts off on an experimental and instrumental vibe and builds up anthemic zest with very delicate and tender but firmly voiced lyrics. Enriched with a traveler’s vision through adverse natural phenomena to their destination is fueled by a very strong feel and makes a difference as being novel, fresh and keeping it dark. “Mirage”, the ensuing track, is at the same time redolent of early Covenant and has a deeper and darker Scandinavian shine, and also a standalone musical trompe l’oeil in which various reflections of darkness are to be unveiled before the listener. The very much likeable and chart-topping “Breathe in, Breathe out”, which we had the opportunity to listen to before, is also a great song, spiraling in and out of unknown pulmonary cavities and turning into a very qualified, able-bodied dance hymn.

The sound ushered in by “Adorable” is darker in substance, but also apprehensive and very humane, adding a very self-conscientious vibe, familiar to the listeners of acts at large as different as Depeche Mode and Erasure, with a pinch of downcast, superb monologue and also of very alert, antagonistic instrumentation. The anthem value of “Live to Love” is also drawing near comparisons, but also pushing them back. As a mid-album track, it sets the atmosphere to a level of familiarity, but not without being overwhelming. And overwhelming it is! “Half the Double Speed” is not only a title you need to activate your geeky side in order to be able to interpret correctly title-wise, but also a comprehensive and rich song, really apt to stand the test of time. It opens the gates for sonic floods and its impetuousness is one to keep in mind for whenever you wish to describe Lowe’s music to someone.

Alone in the Dark” is the noir console of the album, with a melodious spine and a very latest thrill feel to it. Consolidating the overt bond between the band members as musicians and friends, it is definitely one musical exercise many bands would kill in order to capture in their midst. And what’s there to be said first about “Forever”? A Viva Music favorite track, it magnifies the effect triggered by past auditions from this album and concentrates it as if it were a bouillon cube! “EdT” which incidentally brought to mind when seeing the title the common abbreviation for French eau de toilette, actually includes verse in French and makes mention of perfume! A sensuous and intimate song, it is the perfect closing for an already great album. Its sentimental education and very plausible and easy to assimilate beat also make it one of the nine gems of this album.

Evolver” is, as expected, a Scandinavian wonder, making it at the same time difficult to range with, but also easy to cope with other such Scandinavian wonders. But we are talking about tasks Lowe can handle, they have shown it with previous releases, and their latest is under no circumstance minor. An overall satisfaction is guaranteed when listening to the album, and the urge to listen to it again comes almost automatically. Enjoy!

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