AESTHETIC PERFECTION signs to Metropolis Records!

August 12, 2011 in International News

On March 20 and May 01, 2011 Viva Music played Aesthetic Perfection on Romanian national FM radio (Bucuresti FM), probably for the first time in the whole wide world. If you know any other national (not online) radio that has done the same, let us know. We are really proud of all our achievements, but the Electro/industrial radio show beats them all! Here is the (hi)story of our show.

Aesthetic Perfection immediately got fans and supporters in Romania, fans who have repeatedly inquired about a live show in Bucharest! Viva Music is still trying to book AP, so we may have the pleasure to see Mr. Graves in flesh and blood in Bucharest. As much as we would like to offer an unforgettable show to the Romanian fans, we also understand that Mr. Graves is really busy becoming famous! Here is the excellent news we have just received in a report from Metropolis Records:

  AESTHETIC PERFECTION Signs to Metropolis Records
New album ALL BEAUTY DESTROYED Scheduled For November 8th

in regular and Limited 2CD versions

Salzburg, Austria – Daniel Graves, the founder and sole creative member of AESTHETIC PERFECTION, announced today that he has signed his signature project to Out Of Line Records in Europe and Metropolis Records in North America. Both labels will be releasing ALL BEAUTY DESTROYED, his fourth album, in November of this year. There will be a standard single CD edition and a limited double CD version. “There’s an intentional irony in having a band called “Aesthetic Perfection” and naming your album All Beauty Destroyed,” notes Graves “It’s this struggle between personas, the dark and the light, the Jekyll and the Hyde.”

Fans of Grave’s previous albums won’t be disappointed as All Beauty Destroyed continues in the dance floor tradition set by A Violent Emotion, Close To Human and Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound (recorded as Necessary Response), though with this new album, things take a decidedly darker and more sinister turn. “The Devil’s In The Details”, the first single self-released by Graves in a special hand-packaged CD and as a downloadable track in the Rock Band Network showcased the evolved sound that Graves expounds on with the new release. The second single, “Inhuman”, with its synthesized chant of No hope, No pain, No loss, No gain, is bound to keep DJs satisfied with its pulsing rhythm and shout-along vocals. “Under Your Skin”, arguably the most unique track on the album, was recorded using no instruments other than Grave’s multi layered voice. The title track features piano accompaniment from Panzer AG’s Lauren Krothe and is the closest thing to a ballad as one can expect from Grave’s twisted mind.

Aesthetic Perfection’s live incarnation, which includes drummer Tim Van Horn, recently wrapped up its first headline tour of the USA (with support from Germany’s Faderhead)and included a blistering sold-out performance at Los Angeles’ legendary club Das Bunker. The band is preparing for their first headline tour of the UK in November and will be announcing additional European dates shortly. This constant touring, including previous runs supporting Combichrist, Imperative Reaction, S.I.T.D., Grendel and others have cemented Aesthetic Perfection’s hard earned reputation as a powerful live force in the electro-industrial scene.

All Beauty Destroyed promises to be the darkest and most dynamic piece of work Graves has created. As the LA Indy Media Blog notes, “Aesthetic Perfection is more than just rain in the desert, more than just food to a starving man: it is like having a friend jump into the fray as I am getting my butt kicked by 12 or 13 faceless stinking zombies.”

All Beauty Destroyed will be released in a single CD and 2CD edition in Europe by Out Of Line on November 4, 2011 and in North America by Metropolis Records on November 8, 2011. European dates and a US tour will be announced shortly. | |

 Source: Metropolis Records 


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