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August 11, 2011 in Album Reviews

Tracklist:  “Forever* Burn Away * “Left Behind * Pale [Kevvy Mental & Dave Ogilvie ‘Rubber Unicorn’ Mix]” * “Control [tweaker Mix]” * “Shallow Grave [Combichrist ‘Good For Her’ Mix]” * “Pins And Needles [SKOLD Mix]” * “Shallow Grave [Assemblage 23 Mix]”

Imaginary Monsters” (release date: Aug-09) is a followup material from The Birthday Massacre after their successful 2010 album “Pins and Needles”.  The EP, comprising 8 tracks, includes three original tracks, as well as five fantastic remixes of tracks from their latest album.

Order The Birthday Massacre’s “Imaginary Monsters” from Metropolis Records here | Read the official release information from Metropolis Records from May-26 here.

About The Birthday Massacre:

The Birthday Massacre is from Toronto, Canada. Combining their interests in various musical and artistic styles, the band has successfully accumulated an impressive international fan base, press accolades, and defied categorization with their unique sound and visuals.

The band was formed in 1999 and independently produced and recorded their first two albums, “Nothing and Nowhere” and “Violet”. Through both of these high-demand releases, as well as their highly acclaimed and beautifully atmospheric website, the band obtained a large and loyal fan base throughout the world. Due to their independent success, in 2005 they were approached by European and North American record labels and the band began its steady climb to reaching a much wider audience with the 2007 release of the acclaimed and wildly popular “Walking With Strangers”.

In the last few years, the band has been performing internationally, traveling extensively across Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, the U.K. and Europe. They have become renowned for their high-energy live performances, drawing large, mixed crowds through their appeal to fans of a surprisingly wide range of genres. Their fourth full length album “Pins And Needles” was released on Sep-14, 2010 accompanied by a video for “In The Dark“.

The Birthday Massacre – “Imaginary Monsters” – Viva Music review:

With the release of “Pins and Needles” and the 100% positive feedback they received, The Birthday Massacre accomplished a new stage in their career – full sound, charismatic voice, well arranged musical landscape. Therefore, it is no wonder that they came up with new material within less than a year from their latest album release. “Imaginary Monsters” is a fresh deal and a disc bound to be played in a loop! Not only it comes packed with beautiful remixes for already famous tracks, but it also gives a glimpse of previously unreleased material, which definitely thrills the band’s 150k fanbase (according to Facebook).

Reaching out to such a solid fanbase is not an easy task, but the feedback on their “Imaginary Monsters”, released just two days ago, is unexceptionally positive: “Just posted a glowing review on Amazon.”; “God bless you, TBM. Don’t ever die out!”, or “Got mine in the mail yesterday and have had the ”Pale” remix on repeat all day.” are not accidents, but merely samples of an all-encompassing positive reception. With the onset of “Forever” you can see how brilliantly the band breathe out just majestic force and elegance, and what could have been just another very decent The Birthday Massacre track is, because of a very professional rendition, a gem of a song. Coming up next, “Burn Away” makes all the 03:43’ worthwhile and fuses multiple genres into just one mesmerizing track that does away with conflicts and discrepancies – all in a translucent, very appealing musical piece. And if it were not enough, “Left Behind” creates a unique, feeling-ridden perspective and atmosphere, to the end-result of asking oneself, how many other hidden treasures are there in The Birthday Massacre’s vault, and most importantly, when we will get to listen to them!

The remix part of the EP is solid pure gold. With the rework of artists such as Combichrist, Assemblage 23, Kevvy Mental, Dave Ogilvie, SKOLD, but also from Chris Vrenna (under the name of Tweaker, the same moniker he used for the remixes he did for Rammstein among others).

While Kevvy Mental (“Pins and Needles”) and Dave Ogilvie (“Walking with Strangers”, Pins and Needles”) are no newcomers to The Birthday Massacre universe, having previously edited, mixed and programmed for them, Combichrist andAssemblage 23 vie in creating new and totally different perspectives on “Shallow Grave”; and SKOLD’s industrial rock infusion into “Pins and Needles” is a charismatic rework. Let’s not forget Chris Vrenna’s “Control”, in which the almost mechanical sound that he films over the rather industrial edge of the original track is a work of art in itself.

All in all, the new release from The Birthday Massacre is a must for fans of the group, but also for listeners who come to them via their remixers – which, after all, shows how permeable today’s music is, and in a totally optimistic perspective, how much creativity and collaboration can create new musical content. A new album from The Birthday Massacre is eagerly awaited.

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