Necro Facility – “The Lost Tapes” – Viva Music Review

August 10, 2011 in Album Reviews

Tracklist:  “Bashed Display” * “Closure” * “Congestion” * “Furunculous Fuse Garniture” * “Grind” * “Nursed (PLaydo Remix)” * “Reversed” * “Turmoil” * “Tuxedo (Tentacle Remix)” * “Waste

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Necro Facility – “The Lost Tapes” – Viva Music Review:

The success of “Wintermute” is on everyone’s lips – just three months after the album’s release, there are still people who rightfully claim it to be one of the best releases of 2011 – an opinion Viva Music seconds and has done so ever since the official release on May-13.

Wintermute” is electrifying, profound, sexy, and comes with quite a fresh perspective on what you can do on today’s music scene. And as if it were not enough, “Wintermute” comes with a second amazing set of songs on the limited edition disc issued by Progress Productions – entitled “The Lost Tapes”, the ten-track album is in itself a standalone entity in the band’s discography, and luckily we will see it being re-released as a comeback to a wonderful album.

With enough zest to be called an album, “The Lost Tapes” is a strong statement from Necro Facility – one that says firmly that there is more where “Wintermute” came from, as well as Covenant’s “Lightbringer” – a constant reminder when it comes to the band’s 2011 feats. In fact, if anyone doubted Necro Facility were a longlasting presence on the scene, “The Lost Tapes” does away quickly with such a preposterous thought: the second disc of the limited edition is what many bands would gladly release as an independent album, rather than a disc that accompanies another in a limited edition.

Bashed Display” and “Congestion” show us the force of Necro Facility – both in terms of musical and lyrical acumen, and so do “Closure” and “Grind”, with the relevant addition of elegant, majestic vibes and a very balanced atmosphere. We see no reason why a track like “Grind” was not included on the main album, it really makes the listener blessed for such an intense experience, and to be honest, it goes the same for the entire “The Lost Tapes” package. There’s an obvious unexplored vein that maybe will be further enhanced in future Necro Facility releases in “Furunculous Fuse Garniture”, and a definite feel of being immersed in a whole new world in “Turmoil”. Experiencing the ‘darker’ side of “Wintermute”, as it is very easy to call “The Lost Tapes”, the track “Reversed” brings stunning effect and a longlasting, very palatable quality – a thing that becomes less an accident and more an artistic propensity in “Waste”. The two ‘remixes’ included in the compilation, “Nursed (PLaydo Remix)” and “Tuxedo (Tentacle Remix)” are new renditions of material from previous releases (“Nursed” from the 2005 album “The Black Paintings”, and “Tuxedo” from the 2007 album “The Room”).

The Lost Tapes” is a multi-purpose compilation with a good potential; for some it may be a solid business card for a band who know their business, for others it may be a well-deserved and much awaited supplement to the band’s official releases. Coming as a limited edition, it is highly improbable to forecast a destiny for “The Lost Tapes”, but in an ideal world, where it would be mass marketed, it would definitely charm more than one heart.

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