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July 27, 2011 in Album Reviews

Tracklist: “Push Push” * “Who Says It’s Real?” * “The Unstoppable Collision” * “Red Alert” * “Lonely Star” * “Don’t Look Back” * “My Other Life” * “Reverse Happiness” * “Where a Boy Used to Be” * “Don’t Look Back (Extended – Bonus Track)” * “The Unstoppable Collision (Extended – Bonus Track)

About Compact Space:

Compact Space are: Christian Eigner, Daryl Bamonte, Florian Kraemer.

Supergroups are always intriguing musical phenomena, and Compact Space is no exception to this rule. A winning band, Compact Space comes as the united artistic effort of three individuals with their own share of fame, and who, more importantly, are not up with a first collaboration, having worked before in various arrangements. Christian Eigner, a well-known figure for the Depeche Mode fanbase, who has been around in the DM Universe since 1997, is not only live drummer, backing vocalist and keyboardist for the band; but also contributed with his writing to numerous tracks both for Depeche Mode and Dave Gahan. His creative input has been always lauded by fans and reviewers; and the same goes for Daryl Bamonte, who worked just like Christian Eigner with Depeche Mode and additionally with The Cure; what’s more, Daryl manages among other artists and acts Christian Eigner as a solo musician. It is in this capacity of solo musician that Eigner met the last of the Compact Space crowd, Florian Kraemer, who did the vocals for Eigner’s solo 2005 album “Recovery” alongside Barca Baxant. How does their trio work? “The trio shares creative equality when they work on their songs. Daryl writes the lyrics, Florian develops the melodies and Christian puts together the powerful music that marks Compact Space with their own unmistakable style as soon as you listen to them.” Although their first single “Push Push” was released with sufficient buzz via iTunes in October 2009, an increasing crowd of Compact Space-curious listeners was to wait 20 months more before the release of their debut album, “Nameless”, including 9 original tracks (one of which featuring Martin L. Gore) and 2 extended versions, delivered in June this year.

Buy the debut album from Compact Space “Nameless” from iTunes | Watch the video for “Push Push” after the jump.

Compact Space – “Nameless” – Viva Music album review:

Nameless” is an album bound to gather numerous positive nods from critics and even more numerous listens. With an impeccable sound and a good drive throughout the entire album, “Nameless” is a top-shelf choice for the aficionados of synthpop, and definitely a good side listening material for all Depeche Mode fans. “Push Push” is a very good piece, and even if listened inside the “Nameless” equation it gives out the same feeling like the one back when it was released as a teasing single. A dreamy, groovy piece, “Push Push” is a very melodic chant and a great induction to the album. As expected, but excellently so, the Dave Gahan/Depeche Mode feel becomes relevant and the password to “Who Says It’s Real?”, a very appealing track with great vibes and melancholic voice, an overall excellent production that really raises the expectation levels for the remainder of the album.

Up next, the track that features Martin L. Gore, “The Unstoppable Collision” is a genuine thrill that overtakes in a gradual multi-sensory experience. An artful display of vocal and instrumental synchronicity, “The Unstoppable Collision” speaks about an imminent, man-driven end: “no predictable outcome/no stable rule of thumb/this over-played situation/is a man-made creation”. Cosmic and at the same time mundane, “The Unstoppable Collision” tells in its raw version very well why it was chosen to be offered as an extended version before buckling up the album. “Red Alert” is also an awesome listen, with a very incisive and dancefloor-ready chorus, and probably the most upbeat track of the album. And if the mood for thrill kicked in, it’s time for “Lonely Star”, an ambivalent piece that speaks in assiduous and at the same time gentle tone about the loneliness poured in one’s life by being in the heat of stardom or simply star-struck.

And if you thought Compact Space have not already been generous with their musical show, it’s time to peek into what “Don’t Look Back” is about to provoke: a very praiseworthy piece, it is at the same time inviting and engaging, despite the fact that it springs out of the same melancholic vein as “Who Says It’s Real?”. An intimate drilldown of emotions and familiar surroundings, it is also hopeful and really sounds divine! Again, like with the previous “Unstoppable Collision”, “Don’t Look Back” proves a very album-safe choice for an extended version.

 “My Other Life” continues the sequence with a very plausible and creative instrumental arrangement, coupled up with a narrative of its own; and if the gift of openness and newfound serenity offered by Compact Space so far was not enough, it is well time for “Reverse Happiness”, a song that teases with notions such as concealment, and the price of hesitation, as well as the realization that once you step out of the battlefield of a relationship you are living ‘reverse happiness’ through the sudden absence of a common future, living on borrowed time and recollecting the good times that brought people together before bringing them apart. “Where a Boy Used to Be”, a doppelganger scenario about a father and son/an earlier and later self and their fears, expectations and hopes of feeling accomplished through their peaceful symbiosis, set against an excellent musical arrangement.

Nameless” is definitely not going to stay nameless; it is a powerful, mature and really engaging album, and its discovery will bring many a listener long-lasting affection. Not set against a concert agenda, with the exception of the Hamburg Planetarium release party, Compact Space also build up expectations of live dates and we at Viva Music can’t wait already for their next release!

Watch Compact Space Push Push” video below:


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