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June 28, 2011 in Album Reviews


Nightglory” * “After Winter MMXI” * “Nightglory (Camera Version)” * “I Gave You Wings – I Gave You Death

Read Viva Music’s review of own event Kirlian Camera in Romania Apr-29, 2011 on | Watch the official “Nightglory” video (after the jump).

From Out of Line’s site (release date: June-10, 2011):

“Grand Italian cult band Kirlian Camera returns with a mesmerizing new single that sports the Gaelic title “Ghlóir Ar An Oóche” (Glory Of The Night). The main track “Nightglory” is a trip to pure Kirlian-Camera-heaven featuring a heady, catchy and anthemic chorus supported by a pulsing sequencer design and forceful electric guitars. Driven by a solid beat, infused with a good dose of innovative elements and sung by an inspired and soulful Elena Alice with what is one of her best vocal performances, ever, this title track of the upcoming Kirlian Camera album is destined to become a future classic. It is featured in an electronic version and in a highly intense, piano-driven, chamber-music-like “Camera Version“. The single also features an exclusive, new instrumental track titled “I Gave You Wings – I Gave You Death” (a vocal version will be included on the upcoming album) and a massive reworking of 1998’s “After Winter”, re-recorded and rewritten in a darker, more exciting, electronic vein. “Ghlóir Ar An Oíche” will be released as a limited CD single in a glorious Digipak and a strictly limited, gorgeous 10″ picture vinyl version. This is Kirlian Camera at its very best and the ideal appetizer for the upcoming album, scheduled for release later in 2011.” (source)

Kirlian Camera – “Ghlóir Ar An OícheViva Music Album Review:

What strikes the listener on hearing for the very first time “Ghlóir Ar An Oíche” is the very vigorous vein in which it was produced, and the almost minimal tracklist of the single disc: gone are the days of numerous remixes and versions – or if not gone, at least hiatused by Kirlian Camera until the release of their forthcoming 2011 album and singles. “Ghlóir Ar An Oíche” offers a peek into what the album might be like; a very mature construction of delicacies and harmonious outbursts that coupled together offer an essential guide to today’s electro/experimental and darkwave music. The magnetic, vibrant and courageous “Nightglory” (the title of which is reprised by the single in a Irish Gaelic – giving it an extra Celtic flavor) is a memorable track, and it comes accompanied by a no less memorable video (see below). Its lucid twin, “Nightglory (Camera Version)” has a very soundtrack-like, running credits, end-of-movie feel to it, and it showcases in a very plausible and needed manner the vocal of Elena Fossi. Worth several dozens of listens, the Camera Version poses a hen-and-egg kind of question, and the odds are not against the Camera Version being extracted from the full edit of the song; though it would be nice to muse about it being an original version – one of flawless, pure accords.

Packed in the deal you also have the band’s 1998 “After Winter“, for chronological reasons and also for a historical feel dubbed “After Winter MMXI” – a rewelded version, that adds salt and pepper to the original track, notwithstanding its original qualities. Of great relevance to the single’s musical makeup is also the dynamic, instrumental piece entitled “I Gave You Wings – I Gave You Death“, an angelological intimation that reminds at the same time of times of genesis and times of angel heresies – with a very austere, yet heart-warming tempo to it.

Ghlóir Ar An Oíche” is a good listen for Kirlian Camera aficionados and novices alike. To the former, it will definitely give inside hints for what the forthcoming album is going to be like, while for the latter it will break them into the habit and practice of the job of listening to such an interesting and prolific artist. You will definitely not be disappointed!

Watch “Nightglory” video below:


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