Amphi Festival 2011 – The Schedule

June 27, 2011 in Amphi Festival


More info available on the festival’sofficial webpage and on Facebook. | Read Viva Music’s archive of news for Amphi Festival 2011 here. | Read Viva Music’s review of Amphi Festival 2010 here: Day 1, Day 2.

The lineup and schedule for Amphi Festival 2011:

Saturday, July-16

Mainstage: 10:00hrs: doors open; 12:00hrs: [X]-RX; 12:50hrs: Staubkind; 13:50hrs: Melotron; 14:55hrs: Zeraphine; 16:10hrs: Samsas Traum; 17:25hrs: Tanzwut; 18:55hrs: Die Krupps; 20:35hrs: Deine Lakaien.

Staatenhaus: 11:30hrs: doors open; 12:30hrs: Klangstabil; 13:25hrs:; 14:20hrs: Winterkaelte; 15:20hrs: Frozen Plasma; 16:20hrs: Grendel; 17:20hrs: In Strict Confidence; 18:25hrs: Leaether Strip; 19:50hrs: Suicide Commando; 21:15hrs: Hocico; 22:45hrs: Musik Soldat (DJ Set).

Theater: 11:30hrs: doors open – Block 1; 12:45hrs: book presentation for Annie Bertram’s “Obsolete Angels”; 14:00hrs: talk C64 Pornographic art, adult only audience; 15:00hrs talk with dr. Mark Benecke; 16:05hrs: Rome; 17:30hrs: Persephone; 17:30hrs: changeover; 20:45hrs: doors open Block 2; 21:00hrs: DJ Honey (Welle:Erdball); 22:00hrs: DJ Gillian (Nachtwerk Karlsruche); 23:00hrs: DJ Alexx Botoxx (Eisenlager Oberhausen); 00:00hrs: DJ Ronan Harris (VNV Nation) & Jeanny; 01:00hrs: DJ AD3K (Analoguetrash); 02:00hrs: DJ Hive (Vampireparty); 03:00hrs: DJ AMD & DJ Surfin’William (Dark Star).

Sunday, July-17

Mainstage: 10:00hrs: doors open; 12:00hrs: She’s All That; 12:50hrs: Funkahusgruppe; 13:50hrs: Dreadful Shadows; 14:55hrs: De/vision; 16:10hrs: Agonoize; 17:25hrs: Saltatio Mortis; 18:55hrs: Nitzer Ebb; 20:35hrs: Subway to Sally.

Staatenhaus: 11:00hrs: doors open; 11:45hrs: Der Fluch; 12:35hrs: Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio; 13:30hrs: Diorama; 14:35hrs: Clan of Xymox; 15:45hrs: In the Nursery; 17:00hrs: Das Ich; 18:25hrs: Feindflug; 19:50hrs: Kirlian Camera; 21:15hrs: Covenant.

Theater: 11:30hrs: doors open Block 1; 12:00hrs: lesson Christian von Aster; 13:00hrs Musical theater Salonorchester Weimar; 15:00hrs: lecture dr. Mark Benecke; 16:05hrs: lesson Das Weisse Buch des Jadefalken; 17:30hrs: concert Classic & Depeche; 18:50hrs: changeover; 20:45hrs: doors open Block 2; 21:00hrs: DJ Ronny (; 22:00hrs: DJ Dalecooper (Shadow); 23:00hrs DJ Elvis (The Mephis); 00:00hrs: DJ Nightdash (Pulp); 01:00hrs: DJ Marcel (P60); 02:00hrs: DJ Dark Wanderer (Roehre); 03:00hrs: DJ CImeries (Industrial Madness).

VIVA MUSIC is looking forward to meeting everyone there!

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