Complete Control Productions sign with Arzt+Pfusch

June 9, 2011 in International News

Mattias Anger, Label Manager/Complete Control Productions: “I’m happy to inform you that Complete Control Productions have signed the Danish duo Arzt+Pfusch. Since their last release S.I.C.K. in 2007, Dr. A-Funz has been re-joined by Der Doktor as lyricist and singer. They have spent the last two years working on their fourth album “Lictor Evaporated”, which will be released by CCP in late September. A single will be out during the summer. The album is described by Dr. A-Funz as: “Dark, bombastic, orchestral, 4×4 on the floor, long ambient breaks, very “bassline centered”, and very poppy choruses. I extend a warm welcome to Arzt+Pfusch on behalf of the entire label crew.

Arzt+Pfusch  Official Site | Arzt+Pfusch on Facebook | Complete Control Productions

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