Necro Facility – the Exclusive Viva Music Interview

May 18, 2011 in Interviews

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Necro Facility‘s recent album release of Friday May-13 received a lot of positive attention from the scene and media. Since we encourage their progress on the scene, and fully trust their potential, we were also curious to find out more about what lies beheath Necro Facility – hence the interview below. Enjoy!

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How did you come up with the name Necro Facility?

Oscar Holter (OH): A friend of ours just came up with the name: “hey guys, why don’t you name the band Necro Facility”? And we thought it sounded cool so there you go! It doesn’t stand for anything special! Just a cool name!

Henrik Backstrom (HB): Yeah, that’s pretty much it. There’s no hidden message or anything behind it. It’s just two words that sounded cool.

Back in 2000 when you came together as Necro Facility, what did you think you were going to be like in 10 years’time?

OH: Seriously we never thought of that. Necro Facility never had the intention to earn money from this, nor being super rock stars playing shows all night. Necro Facility mainly is the friendship between Henrik and me. Necro facility is also a place where we can experiment on music!

HB: As Oscar says, none of us had any intentions being “big” with Necro Facility. The desire to earn money and become huge rock stars has never been there. It’s nice that people listen to our music and support us as much as they do, though. We are really thankful for that. But the main things have always been hanging out, making cool beats and experimenting with different ideas.

And looking back, how did it turn out?

OH: I think it turned out really good, Henrik and I are still really good friends ;)

HB: Yeah! :D

Wintermutereceived very good reviews prior to its release, did you see this coming?

OH: No, definitely not. We are really glad for the warm welcome and that people are interested in new industrial music!!!

HB: Absolutely not. Actually I was quite nervous about this release. I wasn’t counting on the scene to embrace the album as much as it has, since “Wintermute” is a new approach to things. But apparently people where ready and we really appreciate all the positive response.

What are your plans for 2011-12 related to the new material, and new releases?

OH: We are working on some new remixes and we are playing some shows from our “Wintermute” album. But everything is happening all the time, so hopefully we see you in Rumania!

HB: I think there will be something coming up for all of you out there. Stay tuned!

How do you work? It’s been a couple of years since your previous material, how many times did you get together for the new album, do you work separately or do you work according to a schedule?

OH: No, I think we delayed the album 4 times, because we thought we didn’t have the right songs to make “Wintermute”. We’ve thrown away hundreds of ideas! We both have other careers and we had a hard time finding the possibility to make new tracks, but we really made it fortunately! It was super fun to finally release this thing!

HB: Yeah, finding time in both Oscar’s and my own busy schedules was a real challenge in itself. But we tried to get together as much as possible. Both of us are really involved in writing the music, recording, producing and writing the lyrics. Nothing is left to chance and both of us have our say about each track before we consider it to be finished. But as Oscar mentioned, we threw away a lot of tracks and ideas that didn’t feel right. We wanted to present 10 kick ass tracks instead of 15 OK-ish tracks.

All your titles from your latest album have English titles, with one exception. Why is that?

OH: Often, when we do our songs, we have production names for them until we have the final lyrics and hooks, like the one called “Skrik” (which means “scream” in Swedish), and that name just fit the song, and we decided to keep it that way! In some countries that might even be called ethnic. :)

HB: Yeah, first of all, that was the production name of the track. But we really liked it. It fits with the general mood of the track, and it even stands out a little bit.

How did your collaboration with Covenant come up, and do you have common plans for the future with them or other bands?

OH : We talked about doing some cool collaborations and we had known Eskil for a while, and the idea just came up at one party. We had the track and lyrics done for “Lightbringer” and we started working on it! I don’t think there will be so much other collaborations, we love working alone, but this thing just became so good so we could not say no to it!

HB: Nothing is impossible. But I think in the form of Necro Facility we work better just the two of us. But who knows, maybe there will be some more collaborations in the future.

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