Jesus and the Gurus announce a new album on April-15!

April 12, 2011 in International News

Jesus and the Gurus: Wut Zorn Revolution
The world trembles in fear – Jesus and the Gurus announce a new album!
No honeysweet melodies and mellow synth-sounds but brute Industrial merged with cynical lyrics against everything moving. With their new album „Wut+Zorn=Revolution (Anger+Rage=Revolution)“ Jesus and the Gurus give a new definition to Industrial-Metal. Iron noises and dirty analogue synths meet distorted walls of guitar-sounds and martial marching rhythms lead by a dark, deep voice. What originally constituted Industrial – rebellion, aggressive sounds of steel, staccato rhythms and a doomy atmosphere – is reawakening to new life with Jesus and the Gurus
Industrial, Metal, Electro and bombastic soundscapes merge into a brute storm of sounds, carrying the typical signature by Jesus and the Gurus. Thundering drums invite to a stomping dance into the downfall. Drastically and mercilessly Jesus and the Gurus settle the Account for the consumerís society, the political situation and the music-business. Their self-ironic lyrics on „Wut+Zorn = Revolution“ question the corrupted compromises of the dumb masses. The provocative band is the sting in the flesh of the harmony-indigent Swiss. Because instead of trying to seem neutral Jesus and the Gurus scream their opinion out loud.


Genre: Military Rock/Industrial/Gothic-Metal
Release titleJesus And The Gurus Wut + Zorn = Revolution
Release date: April, 15th, 2011



01. Sag Mir Wo du Stehst
02. Golgahta
03. In Sünde Geboren
04. SOS
05. Verdun
06. Herrenrasse
07. Eisen Und Blut
08. Der Rausch
09. Guantànamo
10. Gottlos
11. Mensch Marschiere
12. Falluja
13. Wir schenken Euch Die Welt


Band members:  Son ov David (Lead Vocals), Gabriell Medicine Man (Keys & sampling), Tom Alien (Guitars & Bass)
Foundation: 1994
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