Top 10 Combichrist Remixes to Look Out for

February 23, 2011 in Album Reviews

Top 10 Combichrist Remixes to Look Out for

COMBICHRIST have evinced from their early stage an interest in, and a knack of remixing other artists’ tracks. Their remixing strategies have been honed all the time, to the result of having at least 100 known tracks credited to their remodeling genius. Below you find VIVA MUSIC’s top 10 COMBICHRIST remixes: a series of scintillating tracks that gain more danceability and subtle rhythm alterations that carry the unmistakable COMBICHRIST trademark.

  • Vertige” (COMBICHRIST Nok Remix) – AD INFERNATrance’N’Dance”, 2009


  • You Can Be Happy” (COMBICHRIST) – IAMXDogmatic Infidel Comedown OK”, 2009



  • 100%” (COMBICHRIST 110% F***ed Remix) – ANGELSPITKrankhaus”, 2007


  • Ruptura” (Motherf***er 667 Remix by COMBICHRIST) – HOCICOHate Never Dies – The Celebration”, 2003


  • Sex & Suicide” (This Is What You Need by COMBICHRIST) – MANUFACTURAIn the Company of Wolves”, 2007



  • Two Sinners” (Remix by COMBICHRIST) – MONO INC. “Comedown”, 2010


  • Beneath the Rubble” (COMBICHRIST Remix) – FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY – “Fallout”, 2007


  • F*** You B***” (COMBICHRIST Remix) – SUICIDE COMMANDO – “X.20”, 2007



  • Butcher Boy” (COMBICHRIST Remix) – WARREN SUICIDEButcher Boy”, 2004


  • Spark” (COMBICHRIST Rmx) – ASSEMBLAGE 23, “Spark”, 2009


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