Nine Inch Nails Tribute in Bucharest, Club Fabrica, February 12 – Review, Photos and Videos

February 14, 2011 in Nine Inch Nails Tribute

Nine Inch Nails Tribute in Bucharest, Club Fabrica, February 12 - Review, Photos and Videos

VIVA MUSIC is very proud to announce the success of our February 12, 2011 event in Club Fabrica. NINE INCH NAILS Tribute: Are You In?, the first local tribute to address the corpus of work of NINE INCH NAILS, represents the joint efforts of a group of remarkable artists of the Romanian underground and of VIVA MUSIC, efforts that were meant to produce a genuine NINE INCH NAILS experience for the band’s followership and for a tuned-in public, keen on seeing local creativity in tandem with songs that pinpoint the 20+ years of existence of a legendary band.

COVERED IN NAILS, as was self-dubbed the ensemble, is the result of diligent work carried out daily by five relevant artists, who thought up a supergroup pet project as a creative loophole for their respective artistic careers. A well-wrought brotherhood of musicians, COVERED IN NAILS is the brainchild of Stefan Zaharescu (KISTVAEN, DOMINATION, DWARF PLANET), Razvan Ristea (LUNA AMARA), Mihnea Ferezan (LUNA AMARA), Janin Pasniciuc (DEKADENS, ex-ZEBRE, PARTIZAN), and Victor Ferezan (TEP ZEPI), aided by VIVA MUSIC‘s enthousiastic support of the local scene and intelligent logistics. Announced at the end of 2010, the event, taglined as ‘We’re in this together‘, after a NINE INCH NAILS single, meant exactly this kind of exercise in communion and dedication to music for music’s sake.

While the buzz of the event was consistent, everybody being sincerely curious about what a bunch of Romanian artists can add up to in order to present us with a NINE INCH NAILS experience, the artists did not lay back and enjoy the acumen of their forthcoming event, but rather made sure that everything was in place for their deployment of energy and creativity: this is why they resorted to synth samples from a former NINE INCH NAILS collaborator, the Italian L. from THE SPIRAL, and made sure their visuals for the show matched the setlist’s tempo. What’s more, their well-devised 18-track setlist made a daring tour of the entire discography of NINE INCH NAILS. Real fans might know that the band’s discography is a challenging territory, that equally speaks of pursuit of musical perfection and new, sensational sounds that clearly impacted the history of music at large.

With this background, the event’s success was no matter of dispute. And in fact, at the announced time of open doors, at 20:00hrs, people started to swarm in – the crowd was steadily growing and as the opening act started their show, it was clear that latecomers would have to fight for their right to a drink and some arm and leg room for their dance. SEMIOSIS, the Craiova-based project of Alexandru Seidu and Serban Ilicevici, started off in a befuddling ambiental undertone, just to storm off in rockish blurts, which captivated the audience. An improvisational setlist, that flowed rather than checked songs from a list, SEMIOSIS were impactful and in a great creative shape.

SEMIOSIS opening for COVERED IN NAILS, ROMANIAN NIN TRIBUTE, Fabrica Club, Feb 12, 2011 – Photo Gallery

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By the time COVERED IN NAILS got on stage, the crowd was really tuned-in, and ready to go in for major mayhem with extreme display of energy and NINE INCH NAILS trademark sounds. Their opening “Heresy” was a truly great tribute: immune to conventions and profoundly drenched with NINE INCH NAILS veracity, it covered the silence and urged everyone to dance, bang their heads and lift their arms at an equally tuned level of communion. “Terrible Lie” and “The Line Begins to Blur” were courageous additions to the setlist, as were “The March of the Pigs” and “Something I Can Never Have“, criss-crossing through the NINE INCH NAILS discography from 1989 to date.

Further down the set, the classical “We’re in This Together” welded securely and thoroughly with “Everyday Is...”, “Closer” and “Burn“. A great addition to the setlist, “Gave Up“, was followed by “Only” – by then the crowd was taken in and provided there were no lights on and no visuals flickered on the stage screen, many of the audience members could have sworn they were witnessing the real thing, a NINE INCH NAILS concert. “The Big Comedown“, “Starf***ers” and “Piggy” ensued to extreme response from the audience, who were waddling in their unleashed movements and humming. “Hurt“, as well as “Wish” were received with the same appreciative response, proof that the full setlist was indicative of the genuine experience the Romanian supergroup had promised before the show. Last but not least, incredible renditions of “The Hand that Feeds” and “Head like a Hole” concluded the show, which lasted a breathtaking 90-mins, that did not disappoint one bit.

COVERED IN NAILS (ROMANIAN NIN TRIBUTE), Fabrica Club, Feb 12, 2011 – Photo Gallery

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COVERED IN NAILS (ROMANIAN NIN TRIBUTE), Fabrica Club, Feb 12, 2011 – Setlist

Heresy * Terrible Lie * The Line Begins to Blur * March of the Pigs * Something I Can Never Have * We’re in This Together * Everyday Is … * Closer * Burn * Gave Up * Only * The Big Comedown * Starf***ers * Piggy * Hurt * Wish * The Hand that Feeds * Head like a Hole

COVERED IN NAILS (ROMANIAN NIN TRIBUTE), Fabrica Club, Feb 12, 2011 – Videos

Starf***ers * Wish * Head like a Hole

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VIVA MUSIC takes this opportunity to thank the artists themselves, as well as our sponsors and media partners for making this event possible. Great news about the event will follow during the next weeks, and we hope to be able to address you once more the same question, Are you in?

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