Ad Inferna Resurrection Remix Competition Winners

February 2, 2011 in International News

Ad Inferna Resurrection Remix Competition Winners

As we told you in one of our previous articles, AD INFERNA in collaboration with Nilaihah Records, had a remix competition for you, their loyal fans.

After going through more than 40 remixes, AD INFERNA had a difficult time choosing the winner who will have their remix on their forthcoming album. So they changed the rules a little bit: AD INFERNA will include not one, but four remixes on their next album!

The lucky winners of the AD INFERNA Remix Contest are:

  1. Terrolokaust
  2. Erotic Elk
  4. Electrovot

Besides having their remixes released on AD INFERNA‘s forthcoming album, these artists will get a signed copy of the album and will be promoted on AD INFERNA‘s own websites and through their social media accounts.

The band also added a new note on their Facebook page, where you can find out more about the competition’s results.

AD INFERNA on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter

AD INFERNA’s official site

Nilaihah Records’ official site

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