Russian Industrial Project Technology of Silence Fourth Release on February 15

January 19, 2011 in International News

Russian Industrial Project Technology of Silence Fourth Release on February 15

Technology of Silence is a story about a post-nuclear city, a story about the people living in this city, a story about an ecological catastrophe, human madness, human fears and the eternal search for a goal in the loneliness.



Technology of Silence is also a Russian Ambient/Industrial/Experimental-project, existing since 2004. Founder of this project is Denis Romanov, who unites the incompatible opposites silence and music and makes it a whole, while taking a focus on the world that surrounds us and the events that take place in it, watching it from different points of view.



It is a mixture of Ambient, Industrial, IDM and Minimal, although the band isn’t concentrating on a particular style. Environmental problems and man-made disasters are the basic themes, which draw a red line through the back-catalogue of Technology of Silence. The centre of attention in the stories of the band is a post-nuclear city, described as ruins of a high-tech-civilization, corrupted by mankind, and a place full of human recollections, emotions and feelings.



Squad“, the fourth new album from Technology of Silence, is out on February 15 at Ionium Records.





Checking * Trap Signal * No Tickets * Wasteland Nomad * Ruins Of Soviets Moonlight Moth * One For All * Transmitter Fields * It Is Always Quiet In Heaven * Mechanical Dream * – Million Eyes Of Dew * Red Sniper * Obvious Incredible * Countdown * Sexmachine * Janna Is Dead * The End (Backdown And Credits)



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