4th electro music show on Bucuresti radio (98.3 fm) on Sunday, Jan 9, 2011

January 11, 2011 in Viva Music radio shows

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Viva Music is mak­ing the dark gothic.industrial.synth music known to the Roman­ian audi­ence! Our success is the electro fans reaction. Electro music fans supported us on Facebook during every show and we are so grateful! Thank you, guys! If you read this, please leave a comment!

Our dear friend and sup­porter, Lau­ren­tiu Rusen (thank you, Laur!), Vivi and Adara were guests of the extremely pop­u­lar A la chart de week-end, with Bog­dan Crutescu show on Radio Bucuresti (98.3 FM) for the 4th time.

We are always grate­ful to Bog­dan Crutescu for his invi­ta­tion, and we appre­ci­ate his support. He has already turned into an electrohead himself! He favourited Aesthetic Perfection again, namely “The Siren”!

Stay tuned on Sunday, January 30, between 7:30–8:00 pm and 8:30–9:00 pm cause we are playing ELECTRO.INDUSTRIAL.SYNTH MUSIC on Bucuresti radio (98.3 fm) again! Please write to us with sug­ges­tions for the playlist at viviana@vivamusic.ro. Don’t forget that you can watch the show live on http://www.bucurestifm.ro/. Vivi is in touch with you during the show on her Facebook page.

Playlist, January 9, 2011, “A la chart de week-end”, with Bog­dan Crutescu (guests: Adara Ball, Viviana Ball, Laur Rusen)

Combichrist – All pain is gone
Endanger – Fool
Project Pitchfork – Timekiller
Rabia Sorda – Heart eating crows
Suicide Commando – God is in the rain
Lowe – The vanishing
Eisbrecher – Schwarze Witwe
Melotron – Gib mir alles
Escape with Romeo – Here comes the night


All Royalties on playing the tracks go to the record companies of each band.

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