Listen and Download for Free to Dragonfly Lingo’s ‘Morningside’

January 5, 2011 in International News

Listen and Download for Free to Dragonfly Lingo's 'Morningside'

Dragonfly Lingo is an industrial electronic band, formed in 2009 by Mitia Wexler, in Rouen, France. Wexler is a musical sound producer, engineer, and musician, who is solely responsible for the direction of Dragonfly Lingo, in addition to guest musicians. Collaborating artists include Aleksey Maksimov (of Virgo Intacta), Pavel Pontryagin (of One June), and Anastasia Adamenko.

Offscreen“, 2010, the first album, was inspired by the idea to take pieces of dialog and pair it to musical composition, to create a more epic feel. Though inspiration is derived from the passion for cinema, the music is not just about that. The music itself became something more, capturing an essence all its own. The sound is mastered using a multi layering of effects and instruments, creating a pounding yet melodic dark ambient industrial vibe.


Morningside“, 2010, the second release is a remix album, featuring remixes by Virgo Intacta, Ivan Spell, SoulSeekah, AKA, and Interzone Inc.


Dragonfly Lingo has been nominated for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA), in 2009, under the Production/Producer category for “Circles”, and in 2010, under the Techno/Electronic category for “Morningside“.

You can listen for free and download the Creative Commons licensed “Morningside” here.


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