The Birthday Massacre: New Video Out!

September 6, 2010 in International News

The Birthday Massacre: New Video Out!

In The Dark Video Out Now!

About “In The Dark”

Directed by The Birthday Massacre’s own M. Falcore and Rodrigo Gudiño, the founder of Rue Morgue. By not only exploring the lyrical subject matter, but also paying homage to classic horror films, the video is a creatively beautiful adaptation of the song.

In an interview with Sean Plummer, Falcore is quoted as saying:

“The song “In the Dark” is about relationships and feeling isolated around somebody that you’re supposed to be close to. So the images sort of came out of that”

“I liked the concept of the video”, says Rodrigo “Mike talked very much in terms of horror film homage in terms of different scenes were Legend, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser.”

click here to read the full interview

Chibi said of the project “all of what the band has always sort of done I feel is encapsulated in the premise of the video of this song”

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