Dsm, the new release from Ad Inferna

August 5, 2010 in Album Reviews

Dsm, the new release from Ad Inferna

Although it’s been less than a year since the release of “Trance:N:Dance”, AD INFERNA sharpen their tone, compared to the prior releases, and are ready to present you with a new material – “DSM” (Jul-27, 2010), which is co-produced and mastered by Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma, Reaper, NamNambulu). “DSM” is a full electro record, featureing 10 tracks plus 3 remixes from Cellmond, Suicidal Romance and Distatix.

This time AD INFERNA employ a much more industrial and aggressive musical edge, compared to their previous album, where the listener could find an electro-EBM vibe with metal influences, backed by guitars and female vocals. 4/4 beats, repetitive sequencer lines, clean vocals with reverb or echo effects – are all elements that make up a typical industrial landscape. The female vocals, so far gothic metal type, are served this time in a much sexier mix.

The album sets off with a piano intro, “Premices”, where V.V. Arkames keeps a petite French monologue about the multiple personality problems derived from hundreds and thousands of child abuse cases and their amazing psychological survival. “Omniscience” ensues: it is a soft composition meant to prepare you for an upcoming set of exciting songs.

AD INFERNA surprise you now with their newly shaped industrial feel on “Der Ball der Verdammten” (“The Prom of The Damned“), including stunning spoken arrangements, in both English and French, redolent of HOCICO. Coming up next, “The Second Half of the Sky”, begins with a French whispered passage performed by female vox, which should not deceive us though, as the song extends with a repetitive bilingual mechanical recital, merged with obsessive beats. This piece of the album represents the climax of the record to which a series of extreme dancing and catchy songs follows: “The Other Side of Me”, “Crime Body” and “Celeste”.

Dimension Zero”, brings moment of peace and relaxation, but that only means you need to charge your batteries for what is coming next. “Verklärte” (Transfigured) resumes a dynamic club atmosphere, while “Coma (La Fin des Rêves)” announces the denouement of the album, just before 3 remixes are added to the landscape – “Verklärte – Cellmod RMX”, “Crime Body – Suicidal Romance RMX” and “Verklärte – Distatix RMX”.

To recap, the dynamic structure of the record makes “DSM” a must for any electro-cyber party. AD INFERNA is well worth your time for its club-friendly songs and is sure to delight electro/metal/industrial fans.

Artist: Ad Inferna

Label: Nilaihah Records

Album: DSM

Release: 27.07.2010


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