Ad Inferna: Band Bio

August 5, 2010 in Album Reviews

Ad Inferna: Band Bio

AD INFERNA combines different styles like industrial, metal, gothic and electro to a completely new style. Their sound is not comparable to any other band I’ve heard so far. They created their own genre – Intelligent, melodic and powerful music with beautiful female vocals. They combine the future of industrial, the future of electro, the future of goth-metal to something we have to find a new description for….”





AD INFERNA (Latin: from hell), presently consisting of V. Orias A. (Guitar, Keyboard, Effects) and V.V. Arkames (Voice), formed in France, in 1996, under the name of De Profundis, but in 2000 they changed to AD INFERNA due to the existence of other projects with the same name.


The band has experienced a lot regarding its musical genre, passing from symphonic black metal to electro-EBM with gothic, black and industrial metal influences. Yet AD INFERNA manage to create their own style: a bold mixture of industrial and darkwave, seconded by a fascinating mix of masculine and feminine voices. Although band members mention Carl McCoy (Fields of the Nephilim), Andrew Eldritch (The Sisters of Mercy) and Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) as the artists who influenced them, you’ll be surprised to notice that AD INFERNA is not just another copy.


In 2009 the band launches “Trance:N:Dance“, an album that brings fame and glory, highly praised by critics and manages to top the German Electronic Web Charts (GEWC) for a month. According to V.o.A., “Trance:N:Dance” stands for the art of contrast between the album’s lyrics and the real meaning of the word “transcendence”. The record also includes a cover version of Visage’s single, “Fade To Grey“, which was a huge success in the 80’s and topped the charts ( no. 1 in Germany and Switzerland and no. 8 in UK Singles Chart). “Fade To Grey” along with “Suicide Girl” quickly become hits on the radio and on the dance floor.


Once with their last album, “DSM” (Jul-27, 2010), co-produced and mastered by Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma, Reaper, NamNamBulu), AD INFERNA reach their musical ripeness. “DSM” is entirely electronic and an essential tool for any DJ.


“Power, Energy, Overdrive, and Beauty – it’s all in the new album. And I’ll take care of the destruction. :-)”

Kolja (SOMAN)


Combichrist, Reaper, Soman, Suicidal Romance or Distatix are just a few of the artists who remixed AD INFERNA tracks. Considering they signed with Nilaihah Records, the American label that works with artists such as Unheilig, Zoica, NamNamBulu, Frozen Plasma or XP8, the band is well on its way to success. AD INFERNA develop their style perpetually and are worthy of your time and attention!

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